Blonde birds punching way above their weight....

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by MAD_FERRET, Nov 19, 2007.

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  1. why is it that just becasuse she has blonde hair, she thinks she can be a 'mogull' (model)

    just look at the state of these two:

    l mean honestly, if you was a photographer and they said they wanted to be models, you would laugh your head off.

    Would you take the money they wanted to pay? Or tell them they have a face like a bag of smashed crabs?

    Who else knows chicks like this!!
  2. Thanks Mad_Ferret.

    I think that link was really uncalled for. What have I ever done to you?
  3. believed your own propaganda??
  4. Slightly off thread, but still about blondes:

    I read something at the weekend about a study that had been done on men that had been IQ tested, then after they'd viewed a picture of a blonde women and their IQ tested again and it was significantly lower than previously tested!!
  5. Thanks for that pal, i've just been sacked.
  6. I'd quite happily nail the pair of them. They have that endearing "slut next door" quality which makes my pre-cum ooze. I want to bite their little tits.
  7. see, that paris hilton...

    ld act dumb just too smash her back doors in

    As for my two 'examples', you would have to be clever if you did them, because you would never want anyone too find out
  8. was that phottie ' doctored' in photoshop?

    seems to me that the blonde on the right has had a nose ' augmentation'.. and the bird on the left looks..well.. she's unsure or scared to be posing ' au naturel'..

    think her ' friend' talked her into it and she's not quite game for the internet notariety that's to follow..

    best she get over her worries now that she's made the world famous ARRSE site

    think that before they make it as ' models' they might have to audition a bit..prove their 'abilities' as it were.. I'm free for some personal 'training' and a professional assessment of the rest of the - er- package.. [ hoping their bums aren't as saggy and small as the anatomy displayed ]
  9. Assume the link is NSFW?
  10. No, it's not - sadly most of us found out the hard way due to the thread originator being a co ck.
  11. I feel sick, you could have warned us!
  12. Stop whinging Moody, you shouldn't be bloody surfing arrse at work anyway. :wink: I never do :roll:
  13. SORRY -should have warned you


    and they have what could loosely be described as 'boobs' on display

  14. I wasn't, I accidentally logged onto the site while searching for some work related material and all i found was some crap tits.