Blond bird does £1m+ damage parking Roller

Good time for her fella though...

'you know you crashed the roller?, tonight its ****'.
Let's see the numbers:

Firstly, no-one was injured, so no massive personal injury claims. Then the cars:

One Bentley, One AstonMartin Rapide, One Ferrari F430, One Mercedes S Class, One Porsche 911 (or Panamera).

What's the damage if all are completely written off?

Bentley: 200k
Aston: 140k
Ferrari: 140k
S Class: between 60 and 140k
Porsche: between 60 and 120k

So about 700k if all are totalled. Which they aren't. Most will need new panels at around 3-6k per panel. So looking at 50-70k depending on the paint jobs.
See.....those arms....driving trucks having the 'Arms of Thor' are quite handy but clearly for cars they are just not agile enough. Mind you those are more like the 'Arms of Asda.'

Where do u find the dipstick in a Bentley? Behind the wheel!
That's one of the passengers with the bad pornstar dye-job and arms like a bricklayer - male or female, your guess is as good as mine?

The driver is either brainless Euro-totty or some Russian oligarach's bit of fluff.

I tend to steer clear of La Croisette and Place du Casino, and stay aboard m'yacht when I have the misfortune to find myself in Monaco. Dreadful bloody place.
******* hell IronDuke that totally top trumps my focus/scenic bump at kingston park tesco's.

Two women drivers produce inevitable results. Both blokes were looking on saying nothing but thinking the same thing '**** sake, why did I let her drive'


Bingo wings involved again tho.

Gallow I agree its nouveau riche glitzy nonsense, as is St Tropez when busy as well ..."look how my gold shoes match my gold mobile phone..." **** off and bring back someone like the young Bridgitte Bardot...! (Sans chats.)
Oh indeed Mr_D. More monied oiks than you can pay someone else to shake a stick at. Rumour was that the mafiya types set up shop in Monaco some years ago and - along with the Arabs - frightened the old money off.
I think it more likely that the "old money" types simply ran out of old money.


Book Reviewer
I'd rather visit Scunthorpe than Monaco. Dreadful concrete jungle. But the Russians are all over. Two mates live in Nice and eat at the Negresco once a week. Get the same table. They walk in one time having booked and the manager comes up announcing he is devastated but their table is taken. By the bodyguards of a big Russian party. "We suspect they are armed".

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