Right girls - its our turn.

Who would you most like to spend a couple of hours "horizontal" with? You are not limited to one choice only, but you can't have them all at the same time, and you may have to share - so check their diaries first.

Me first: Johnny Knoxville :wink:
I just added you to the list of blokes who would get it.....

Is that all the thanks I get?

Right - I will change it to Flashy then.
Soz, I misunderstood the question. I thought you were saying 'Gunny', followed by a question. But that's okay. Flash has a bigger penis then me, and he has a large foreskin covering his bulbious helmet. And he can keep it up !!
BriteGirlie wrote:
*~*~* Ally McCoist *~*~*
He's got a bit lardy since giving up football, apart from the fact that he's one of patsy kensit's cast off's - you'd be stiring some pretty dodgy poridge there BG 8O
not at all BG, just someone who hasnt shagged a member of oasis - god knows where meg mathews has been 8O
I wouldnt CIG, the resultant offspring would probably have 3 eyes - old money means in-breeding 8O
:D Heath Ledger :D
Two for starters :wink:

Lawrence Dallaglio and Vinny Jones, not necessarily in that order...... :lol:

Will think about the main course and dessert ha!
Does the said MD look like anyone famous? and yes Mister Dallaglio is as yummy as the yummiest yummy person who has ever been called YUMMY
:lol: Flashy told me to say that lol :wink:

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