Blokes on the biff

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Lizard_Lips, Apr 22, 2010.

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  1. Does anyone know if there is anything that says if you are on the sick you are confined to camp?

    I remember about 8 or 9 years ago my battalion had about 40% of it on the sick. The RSM was quite pissed off, rightly so too. He then confined all the biffs to camp and funny old thing the sickie rate dropped drastically.

    I've got a few suspect malingerers in my Platoon and if I can do it, I'm going to try this out to get a few of these blokes to get a grip.
  2. 8 or 9 years ago might have been before Human Rights. They might see that as an infringement.

    I was certainly confined when my cartlige went......
    No chance of limping to Wetherspoons for you young falla me lad!
  3. Speak to the Med Team and get them to Chit them as bedded down or confined to barracks
  4. Holy sh*t! 40% of your Bn sick? Where were you? Burma?
  5. And what about the lads who are genuinely fooked? My work takes a grown up approach! I'm broken at the minute and my bosses are putting me on suitable courses and let me decide if I can do something! Obviously there are dicks who take advantage of the system! Get them on rehab all day everyday and I'm sure they will soon be sorted
  6. Being barracked is illegal has been since HRA appeared, you can be confined under operational reasons, but they have to be pretty good. My squadron was confined and I went through the gate I was not popular with the head shed, however it was a illegal order. I got extras, till I pointed out that was illegal also, got a posting preference form filled it out that afternoon and got a early posting. Upshot the unit was given a board of enquiry at div level and the OC was sacked because of the amount of guys signong off.
  7. This thread is a perfect example of why the Human Rights Act should apply to the army.
  8. Nothing better (for moral) than a lad who is so injured he can’t stag on, drive, work or even breath on duty.

    Yet can drive the length of the country each weekend, hump and shift whatever it may be for his own ends and play football golf, go skiing because it is good for his glass back, knees or whatever other work halting injury he may have (all in his own time of course)

    Yep certainly is a good reason why the human rights act should apply to the army.

    What next:

    Someone suing because they where expected to be on duty at the whim of the army

    What we need is a good union
  9. Well do what I did, I kept a log of one particular chap who used to do this. I passed it onto the MO and at the next unit health meeting it was brought up. Lad soon changed his way.

    Funny enough the other malingerers suddenly got better, plus the CO looked after the real biffs. Took an interest and gave as much assistance so that they got better. He rewarded them as well which never happens elsewhere.

    Good boss to work for,
  10. There is more than enough money in the country for defence.

    All it takes is political will to prune where the real waste is.

    And there is a lot of waste we could prune.

    The public are crying out for honesty and leadership.

    Basically were f>cked
  11. How did I end up posting here?

    Mind you it still works so i'll leave it!!
  12. I was hurt overseas! Try telling me I can't leave camp! You would get a two finger salute!
  13. Was that at the same time as disobeying orders and being a militant or in a different life :wink:

    Amazing thing this internet malarkey, there are so many perfect people with perfect solutions :D
  14. It’s amazing how many people say such stuff but real disobedience is vary rarely seen in reality :wink:
  15. I haven't felt the need to, like I said my work has a grown up approach! However if I was told I could not leave camp because I'm currently downgraded awaiting an opperation (due to being injured on tour) I promise there is no chance I will sit in camp