Bloke takes pistol for a walk

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Jungelism, Apr 2, 2013.

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  1. The terrifying moment gunman strolled past children's play area - Telegraph

    "Armed police rushed to the leafy street in picturesque Much Wenlock, Shrops., at 4pm on Easter Sunday after two officers were threatened by the man.
    After aiming the weapon at police he walked down the road "cool as a cucumber" in broad daylight smoking a cigarette while brandishing the firearm as children ran into their homes.
    He then attempted to force his way into what is believed to be a current serving policeman's former home before trained marksmen fired a shot in his direction - which missed."

    Not deliberately copper bashing, but it is the second time in as many weeks as AFOs have taken shots and missed.

    "A police dog was then released which tackled the gunman so that officers could make an arrest."

    Should we train police marksmen to a higher standard or just accept that the odd loose round is going to happen?
  2. The words Cows, Arse and Banjo come to mind when it involves the constabulary and firearms. The only ones that are any good are CO19 down here in the Met.
  3. One assumes if they fire they are supposed to kill? I.E. a 'shoot to kill' policy, not shoot to warn?
  4. There should be a national police firearms training center so that every armed officer who passes the firearms course is of a good highly trained standard, BTW for those of you in the job, how many range days do you get?
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  5. Maybe they should just give the weapons to the dog?
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  6. That wee town is about two blocks square, I stayed in it once when visiting Cosford. And, because I know the name, I've noticed it's in the news every other week.

    Only thing I thought was even vaguely odd about it is that it has a (lethal) local scrumpy (in Shropshire?) and it seems to be the place to be locally on a Sunday night, despite bugger all happening there.

    Oh, and there's a place in it called the "Bastard Hall".
  7. I'm slightly confused (which isnt hard). If the chap with the firearm presented such a clear threat to life that a shot was taken why wasnt another shot fired when the first one missed? How did they go from taking the final option of firing on a suspect to sending in a dog that could easily been shot?

    Some very strange decision making appears to have gone off here. (Not that I'd take one link to the Telegraph as gospel)
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  8. 'Tried to break into the former home of a serving police officer'

    Hope it's not his former home!
  9. A penny to a pound of piss says that pistol is an air pistol.
  10. Was his name Malcolm by any chance?
  11. That was my initial thought, as the Plod/Security Services turned de Menzies into a colander and he didn't even brandish a weapon. I can't imagine the AFO arguing it as a warning shot either.

    IMHO the aforementioned idea of a National Plod Shooting Centre is a (unlikely to occur) but good idea, standardising the level of competency of AFOs.
  12. ND?
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  13. Do the police fire warning shots? The circumstances aren't spelt out.

    It could just be that he was breaking into the house and they only had a chance to fire one shot before he got through the door. It would make sense as the incident potentially becomes much more serious once the gunman is inside the house.