Bloke on the Range videos

Plenty of grey in it now! :D
Someone asked me what the group size was on that 300m battlesight group. So I calculated it. 3 MOA. Sling supported. Ghost-ring aperture. FTW :D

File under "Stock replies to people who say Enfields are inaccurate due to rear-locking and you can't hit sh1t with the battle aperture" :p
Ooh there was a very good article on those in the HBSA journal a few years back...

There was one on the wall in the Chilwell mess when I rotated through there on deployment, and I vaguely entertained a notion that I could smuggle it into Iraq and then back out again...

... but sobered up and got better!

It had gone a few years later when I was en-route to Afganastysan...
I have bought a STEN blocked at semiauto. Permit request will go in tomorrow. That is all :)
I have bought a STEN blocked at semiauto. Permit request will go in tomorrow. That is all :)
Dammit i want to move to switzerland....

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Been thinking of a semi auto sten build for a while; costed it at about 1000 bucks with the purchase of a cheap welding rig, parts kit and all the required new parts.

Maybe next time I’m drunk , bored and alone at home with a credit card I’ll start buying the pieces .
I'm curious about the permit process. What's involved? How long does it take to before it's decided and what's the cost of getting one?
The application is a simple form, and because it's an "exemption permit" there will be a plod visit. Cost is CHF 180.- or something, and this first one will take about a month. You have to justify it ("Expansion of the collection, namely in the field of British service weapons").

Normal permits cost 50.-, and allow you to buy up to 3 guns at the same time from the same seller. They take about 10-14 days to come through.

Since I have permanent residency, there's a bunch of non-semiauto stuff (that are not foreign service bolt actions) that I can just go and buy with no permit.
A better version with some bad acting by me at the start

Rob asked me to post this here for the sheer lolz:

Another "wut?" comment.


Easily disproved by just watching a video of one being fired...
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