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Bloke on the Range videos

Did you get a look at Ian's video on the Schmidt-Rubin cadet rifle thingy?

Quite an interesting looking little gat.
Not watched that yet. Did you see mine on it?

Well, here's the answer to my capbadge question, you idle lot. I guess I'll be going to a local hobby shop to get me some red felt :)

fittedIf you are tempted to strip-down the woodwork, be sure to take off the stock before the butt. Mine is a 1908 manufacture and the butt-screw has a square projection on the end which fits into a U-shaped aperture in a plate, fitted into the back-end of the stock. This was done to prevent the butt screw working loose, which was a common problem with early LEs. Obviously the butt has to be screwed into the butt socket with the projection 'square on', in order to fit into the locking plate. The problem occurs in the event of someone trying to unscrew the butt, (Stiff! Give it a bit of wellie!) thereby causing the lock-plate to spread and, most likely, cracking the stock.
I was torn between a thumbs up and an informative, I went with the thumbs up but it certainly was informative. I'll have to try that some time, looks fun/challenging. How are the targets scored?
A hit in the 10 ring scores 10, a hit in the 9 ring scores 9, and so on down to the 6 ring. There is no 5 ring.
Wow. Just wow.


Some people are violently stupid, aren't they?
You ought to appreciate them for the entertainment value, or as a moral booster when you're feeling low. One look at posts like that and you realise that there are loads of people out there who really do have a problem.
Or two, or three........
I want to ask him where I type in the no-clipping cheat code to enable the lugs to pass through their locking shoulders if what he says is true.

The other hilarious thing is that I rigorously demonstrated my point in the video and you'd have to be weapons grade stupid to claim what he wrote.


You can disagree and you should be able to back it up but to be abusive and self contradicting is the hallmark of a swivel eyed loon!
Which of your vids has that loon crayoned on. For an interested friend.
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