Bloke on the Range videos

Some comments were positively positive.
Yes, my fears were largely misplaced. Up to the time of writing :)

I actually softballed it a little - didn't bring up the bolt handle obscuring the sights and so on (iirc), rather preferring to focus more on the non-obvious stuff like the forend being skinny, the barrel exposed, and the heat haze making the target dance.
Another good video, love the comparisons. Just curious, was the visual of the clip flying up infront of your aim more of a clue than the sound that it was time to reload?
Thanks. To be honest, I count my rounds and you feel the difference when it locks back. Lindybeige wasn't counting and spontaneously remarked that the "ching" (as he put it) indicated to him it was time.

Next up in the series is his 4 runs in one vid, still got to decide how I'm going to edit and present it.
According to the manual for the US rifle caliber 30 M1 (=M1 Garand) the max effective rate of fire is 24-30 rds per minute, although in a foot note it states that there is no prescribed max rate of fire and a trained rifleman can achieve that rate.
With ref to an earlier Stoatman Enterprises video in chapter 3 of the above mentioned manual it states how to load the weapon, with specific instructions on how to load single rds and top off a clip. So much for the myth about loading full clips only. Some of our dearly beloved transatlantic allies clearly don't or can't read their own governments official literature. No cure for stupidity.
That would sting.

Que the yanks trying to use it as home defence ammo.


We used that at NITAT
Bloody hell - we did indeed!

I well remember those ranges both in Lydd and Sennelager!
I seem to recall a 5.56mm NATO version of that ammunition was promised, indeed heavily mentioned in training packages, back when the SA80 A1 came into service. The LPTR I think they called it, for Low Power Training Round.
I never actually saw any in the wild though.
Several years ago someone gave me a slack handful of the 9mm version, which I fed to my Browning. Accuracy at 25 mtrs was so so. Having to manually repeat the Browning was of course a bit of a pain, but free ammo is free ammo. Can't really complain.
I've got a whole ton of 9mm plastic stuff, and one box of .32 ACP for the collection.
A little teaser. $5 Patrons have seen the entire vid already ;) hint hint hint :D

A couple of years ago a bunch of StgW 57s appeared on the German market going for around € 1500. 00, but they had been fitted with new 308 Win barrels and bolts.*
On a slightly different matter I seem to remember reading in SWM that there had been a problem with cracked receivers on the 57. Have you any knowledge of that Stoaty?

*AL1. 7.5 Swiss ammo is relatively rare and expensive round this neck of the woods, eg about € 0.70 a round as opposed to 0.45 for surplus 7.62.
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