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How long before some non-Newtonian idiot picks up on my comment about the gun moving differently as the bullet accelerates down the barrel to claim that nothing moves until the bullet leaves?

Ask him for his views on headspacing.

If your will to live persists, move on to the subject of Ballistol. An interweb dweller once told his enthralled audience how it can be used to entirely and instantly remove even the crustiest powder residues plus any and all, copper or lead fouling with a single spray immediately followed by pull through with a bore snake.
Ballistol is pretty damned good stuff, but it isn't miracle juice. Although it does give wooden stocks a nice shine and allegedly can be used to treat minor cuts and scratches, not that I'm willing to try.
So... Bisley, 20th July, as mentioned in the latest State of the Channel vid.

I was umming and ahhing about doing a promo video about the proposed meet-up at Bisley. I decided against it. So, it'll be noted here, on Patreon, on FB and as a text update on YT. Basically, since I extended my UK stay to take in the 20th anniversary of the British Cadet Rifle Team (Athelings) 1999, I will be picknicking under the tree on the 1200x firing point on Stickeldown from 1200 to 1400h+ on Sat 20th July. At least Il Kevino Kevin Fisher (previously of SBAM shooting) will be there too.

So, if you happen to be at Bisley or in the area, please drop in on us. Since we don't know how many people will be there, please bring something edible to share - I'll get some basics in and if nobody turns up, Kev and I will at least be able to gorge ourselves on crisps and mini Brie or whatever I manage to pick up at the supermarket in Brookwood...

My schedule for the rest of the day is to shoot some shotgun in the afternoon (there's a private Athelings thing organised), and then at 1900h there's a private BBQ at CCRS for the Athelings Association. After which, I'll be partying like it's 1999 with people I haven't seen since then!

Enjoy the low-res photo (which at least used to be publicly available on-line) of 18 year old me, with far more hair!

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