Bloke loses finger, grows it back at home with Science

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by seemahpoint, Apr 30, 2008.

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    Heap powerful medicine! Seriously, the time may soon be upon us where the most horrible injuries are simply a matter of inconvenience; this fella:

    re-grew the last half-inch of his trigger-finger;

    in a month;

    in the safety and comfort of his own home.

    I'm excited.
  2. Thats fcuking amazing,....
  3. Mongo

    Mongo LE Reviewer

    Wow! If it works on that woman in Buenos Aires, it could easily be the next best thing since penicillin...

  4. Wow.... 8O
  5. Very excited when I saw this, one of the experts was saying they are getting funding by US DoD for further research, with a view to limb replacement!

    Very exciting indeed, and up there as said before, with penicillin. The potential applications in reconstructive surgery and burn treatment are staggering, can already picture how facial reconstruction could be done on a soluble frame etc.

    What do our Medicos think? Will the MoD be getting involved with this research?
  6. This is really one of those things you think about happening in a time where everybody drives a flying car and robots clean your house. Really incredible that scientists have stumbled across this. As some of you have said, who knows what it could lead to!
  7. How do you think I can get him to touch my willy with his magically-growing finger?
  8. Hmmm. I bloody hope it doesn't work that way! Think about it. You'd soon end up with a gigantic right hand, and as for Mrs Chuffit's lady-zone... :omfg:
  9. I hope this doesnt get shadowed is there anyway we can track its progess, as the bloke said, in 10 years they will be able to grow bones then grow the tissue around that bone, fcuking amazing but i bet the media doesnt touch upon it for some reason...

    Bladder scrapings dried out, sprinkled onto a stump to grow a new finger....any clever bods clarify the truth behind this.??

  10. It's like the man says in the article, tissue can either scar or grow back properly. From memory, some animals do this very well (manatees, most amphibians) and for some reason it's something human beings have sort of stopped doing, though young children occasionally re-grow finger joints etc. It's there in the DNA, only sort of switched off.

    There's been speculation for a while though that it could be triggered in adults as it's not that complicated on the drawing board, just a matter of fooling the body into thinking it's in the womb again (or something like that, it was in the New Scientist a while back at a time when I was less pished).
  11. This all seems highly suspicious. Whilst I see it as concievable that he could have grown his finger back through some really useful genetic defect, my suspicious circumstanceometer is still on 15. The powder would have been useless in any case. When Isee a proper case report, then I'll be impressed.
  12. Yes, the basic idea behind scaring is the body saying "fcuk this, it's too far gone, better just fill in the wound to stop infection and leave it at that". Good for when you are swinging through the tree and the odds are you'd die from an infection before re-growth, but not so much in the 21st Century. Find a way to stop that, and your body will re-grow (in theory) to it's origional genetic design, though as PtP said, you might want to have some sort of self-dissolving mesh to act as a scaffold to be sure.
  13. I wish it was true but I'm too skeptical too believe it so easily...naa don't buy it.
  14. I expect someone said the same thing when Alexander Flemming said "See that mold? Will fix pretty much everything that's been killing us for the last 10,000 years..." :D
  15. Some good points brought up, keep up the discussion especially like parapaukt and seemahpoints comments intresting stuff. Can get the idea its a switched off seems belieavble