Bloke had sex with his mates 16YO daughter

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Mitchthebar, Mar 12, 2010.

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  1. Just noticed my post count is that dreaded number - couldn't risk leaving it on that.
  2. If it was my mate and my daughter he'd be dangling from a lampost by his bollox by now.
    16 year old is still a kid as far as I'm concerned.
  3. "what should i do" he asks. Well maybe its not the DS answer but i suggest you man up, go to work and high 5's all round
  4. I would insert a pedo joke,
    but she above the age, hoo humm what a dilemma hey

    she wanted it, he gave it to her

    no guilt job done and ask for more if she good/fit :)
    her next boyfriend will appreciate the knowledge you passed on to her :)
  5. I doubt she's anything special.
    Would a stunner really go with a 40+ bloke who:

    Nearly 5 stone. 8O So he was no stunner himself.

    and laughably . . .

    Fuck me, probably all she could reach. Fat cunt.
  6. I reckon he gets about a 9 on the 'top bloke' scale, but minus 6 for it being his mate's daughter. Just not done, old chap.

    If it'd been his boss's or the prick next door's then straight 6's for both technical merit and artistic impression.
  7. No.....totally out of order, he needs to get a reality check from a Double barrelled shotgun!!! He is 40 for f*cks sake, she is 16!!!!! No excuse!! especially when he is so close to the family to start with!!! he probably has flippin underwear older than she is!!!

    Nope!! punch him in the guts with a JCB and set fire to his feet!!
  8. i like your punishment methods, but it lacking finess?!
  9. You might think she's a kid mate but she can make me come like a broken Mr Whipy machine. Don't know who taught her that twisty wrist thing she does but it's just super.
  10. From what I read plus the blog etc this would appear to have happened 'down under' i.e. in the colonies.

    I am sure it is common practice there to shag anything with a pulse, I am surprised he waited until she was 16. At least the local wildlife can breathe a sigh of relief for a while.
  11. As Ali G once said " if theres grass on the pitch, lets play"

  12. Finess has never been my strong point!! but i suppose you could use the JCB Jackhammer fitting on the JCB to hammer his sphincter after the pair of pyro slippers had been applied!!

    Job done!!
  13. I curious as to how you came across this nine-month-old dit. I'm guessing you googled "sex with sixteen year old Australian girl", which just makes me wonder what you have been up to. Maybe you have something you want to share with us.
  14. Have to play devil's advocate and point out that 16 is not a kid in the fashion you make out to be, she would already have broken through puberty and in olden days would be married and having kids. What you're angling from is social moral stance, not of biology and reality of natural order.
    Saying that, he also shagged her on the spur of the moment not giving a toss or being aware of who it was, and it was only the one time, so who gives a monkey's left nipple?