Bloke Blows Up Bird, Self Playing with Shell

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Escape-from-PPRuNe, Jan 27, 2005.

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  1. Austrian knobber (German link) decided he'd like an interesting paperweight.

    Austrian knobber selected a tank round from his collection of guns and arms and got his girlfriend to hold one end whilst he drilled into the other, having "cut off" the fuze.


    Girl dead, him nearly so, both legs amputated below the knee. Now has a conviction for "recklessly endangering others with explosives" and possessing an illegal weapon. 2 years suspended for 3.

  2. reminds me of the bloke who found rocket on a air force range took it home and was polishing it with a sander when it went off destroyed his garage and a greenhouse got done for stealing as well :lol:
    should have left him to bleed
  3. why do squaddies do those thing´s ? Anybody remember phil edowes , Put a live hand grenade down girlfriends jumper , she redecorated the bedroom , he´s learning to write with his left hand in prison , FOOL
  4. Darwin awards couple of years ago - Some russian blacksmith had been using a 2nd world war shell as an anvil for some years until, one day…
  5. I came across a real life darwinian fcukwit in bosnia who used to try and protect his workshops from thieves with a TMRP 6 AT mine that he'd scavenged off the side of the road. Somehow he got the thing mounted on a wall next to the door at about chest height and he set it up with a tilt rod so that if an poor fcuker of an intruder managed to break in he'd be killed instantly by the solid metal slug that those things fire off. Every morning he would apparently carefully disarm it and get on with his days work.

    He must have arrived for work probably slivvod one morning because he forgot all about disarming the TMRP6, there were a couple of bangs and he found himself in a heap on the floor minus his arm that had been blown off at the shoulder

    Mad cnut! :roll:
  6. I could tell you dozens of tales like this.

    My favourite was being tasked to the home of one of those treasure hunting, metal detector owning freaks. He'd found a shell and took it home. It was covered in mud, so he washed it. He was so impatient to get the thing on his mantlepiece he put it in the oven to dry out. His missus came home, freaked and called the police, who called us. The shell was a very early one filled with black powder. All it needed was to get hot enough. When I got there it was still in the oven. It was the only EOD task I've done where I needed oven gloves. Tw@t.
  7. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Rather you than me old chap!
  8. ...and perhaps fresh underpants
  9. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Fond memories of running a TA asslt pnrs course, ran a visit to the EOD place at the back of Chattenden and we were given a demo by The ATO from my last Regular posting in Omagh. He helped us out and I was rather happy to see him sane & in one piece!
  10. I know a chap (wont say he's a mate) who does a wee bit of the amateur archeology himself. I arrived at his house one afternoon to find him in the garage with a still linked though very mucky and corroded belt of .50 that he'd found in the water near a WWII airbase (anyone familiar with the area around Aldergrove is probably going to know where he goes playing). He had two kitchen bowls on his work bench, one full of coke, one full of WD40.
    The rounds were doing an hour in each, then going into his vice where upon he put a brass drift on the primer and whacked it a few times with a hammer. He had a pile of "duds" and a smaller pile of empty cases.... I didn't ask and I didn't hang around to find out.
  11. Many years ago a muppet found a uxo of some type on a beach and took it down to the local ta centre to deal with . Who then stagged on til late into night when bomb squad turned up and decide it was harmless
    A few weeks later some other twat turned up with something they found on the beach dont these idiots see the posters dont pick up things which look like bombs ?. A command descion was made and when they had gone suspect item was taken back to beach and hurled in to the sea .
  12. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    Seem to recall a very similar incident occuring in Bosnia 6 or 7 years ago when a mortar bomb that had been on display for years in the bar of one of the Scandanavian units (supposedly FFE) blew up when someone decided to saw off the nose and see what was inside.
  13. Similar situation to woody. I was on ord sgt at a south coast unit (very near where woody is :wink: ) and was called out when a kid found a strange looking object with fins washed up 8O (not fishy fins :roll: )

    Young orderly officer turns up and decides it would cause too much trouble calling eod out, so he picked it up and lobbed it back from whence it came :roll: :roll:
  14. I remember my old man telling me how at one point in this battalion they were taking out the parachutes of the illumination rounds (don't ask but I believe it was some enterprise to do with cravats :lol: ), anyhow he goe's into MT sheds to find one of his oppos with mortar round in vice and merrily cutting away with hacksaw, old fella enquires into what oppo's doing, reply is trying to get this chute out, old fella takes closer look at round, squeals like big girls blouse whilst heading for door shouting 'it's HE you cnut'. :lol:
  15. mind you woody invented "russian hopscotch" as a cadet jnco once confiscated some 303 rounds off someone who'd thought it was fun to knick them off the range.
    But how to get rid of the evidence throw them in a handy camp fire ('8O')

    result run like hell before the rounds cook off(':twisted:')