Blogging Walt?

Discussion in 'Waltenkommando' started by ChazMiller, Feb 8, 2012.

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  1. Erm, how do I begin? Bumped into this blog while surfing: shittimes | My Daily Fight With Combat Related Post Traumatic Stress

    Having spent many, many, many hours reading the Walt tales on ARRSE, I think that I'm now probably a bit paranoid about 'ex-military' people on the Internet and a little over suspicious of new finds.. BUT this one just didn't quite ring true.

    The banner with the septic for a start - is this guy a real sufferer, or mocking genuine victims?
  2. What are you talking about? Do you have any proof that he might be a "walt"? And the soldier in the banner is British, maybe you should learn to tell the difference between British and American soldiers before you start accusing people.
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  3. Like it matters, he's not running around with half a ton of gongs showing up to various memorial gatherings - it's a blog ffs.
  4. Why not contact him Chaz?

    The one thing lacking with the majority (we know the ones that do and who challenge others) of walt hunters is they wont touch base with the percieved walt but tootle on into here ready to absorb the adulation you'll inevitably get if your right. Do some legwork yourself you've already been on his site....

    Or how does 'fuck off your boring' sound?
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  5. Fucking Walt bar steward gut him!! zzzzzzzzz
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  6. Waltfinder walt?
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  7. yes chaz why didnt you contact me to ask?

    i have proof of my service history as well as course phots oh and just in case i can throw in a couple of names that you can ask to check on me as well....

    oh yes i can also give you my welfare officers details at Combat Stress if you would like to check there....
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  8. Bloke sounds like he's been through a fucking horrible time. I don't know what rings false about that, but if you're trawling for things to get outraged about and finding them in some bloke's stress condition, you need seriously to reassess your relationship with the internet.
  9. For every decent walt that gets outed you get dozens of tedious cunts coming on here and pointing things at anything and everything.