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Unless i am being a thicko,

I could not post a comment onto a blogg it said i needed to have a title, as far as I could see there was no where for me to insert a title?
Need to have a title?

Perhaps if you change to Lord Cowboy of Canteen it will allow you to post
The bloggs software needs some work and I will look at it today. The bloggs don't go, you can see them all but only by searching by username. Try mine for an example.

I also think we need to make it a bit clearer that the things is for 'creative writing', diaries etc, not dull crap.
Blog comments now sorted.

Blog shows last 30 blogs now and you then click on someone's username to see their full list.

I deleted some of the short blogs - don't be offended, but odd comments should be made in the forums, or as comments to other peoples' blogs (please). See my notes in the blogs section and wiki.
Does this mean i cannotdo a useless thought of the day, in bloggs?

I started this for one reason as it saves some one sifting through all the other stuff people can post as a quick smile thats all? If you want it as a thread then i can do that, but thought something on a near regular basis would be funnier
Mmmm.. it's a good idea, I see what you mean about the forums, and I do like them. It doesn't really fit in to either. I'll think about that one and come back after lunch.
edited due to being a drunken post
Any answer to this GCo?
Sorry. Got distracted. I was wondering if there was a bolt on module for the site software that might be ideal for it, but I think we've got more than enough widgets. Tell you what, go for it (on bloggs) and thanks for the input.
cool cheers :D

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