Blog8 Embed With PPCLI in Astan

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by tomahawk6, Jul 31, 2006.

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    I don't think the above photos require much comment.

    From the rest of the blog, I presume it's OK if we withdraw the British forces tomorrow as they don't seem to be either needed or wanted.

    I know it's a Multinational Forum, but it there any possibility of writing the Thread Title in English?
  2. Who is this Turkey? What a sour-faced, chippy little w*nker he must be! I don't believe a word of this crap, or at least I don't believe his take on it. I'd like to hear what some of 3 PARA would have to say about this. As for all that bollocks about "the Tactics of the North African campaign" and "imperial arrogance"...what F**king planet is this twat on FFS? I'm sure the Canadian squaddy's on the ground will find this sort of drivel intensely embarrassing to say the least. Tosser! :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
  3. untallguy

    untallguy Old-Salt Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Well, thanks to this tube in Alpha Company, 2d Platoon etc etc it seems that all other nations can go home and leave to Canada.

    I feel gratified that my tour there and those of my mates are appreciated so much by idiots like this. I feel embaressed for all his oppos who have to put up with him.
  4. Why should the Canadians find this embarrassing? Read it again. It's an American journalist, not a Canadian soldier.
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  6. Because the reader might think they share this idiot's view? :roll:
  7. We (Canadians) can't help what people write about us or our allies. That said, I know many of my peers and the troops in the PPCLI have nothing but the highest regard for the skills and capabilities of the UK forces. It is unfortunate that this US journalist has a negative view on the planning capabilities of the UK officers, but what is worse is that it seems to be causing friction between allies that, in my experience, have always had the utmost respect and regard for one another.

    I can't speak for the Canadian troops on the ground, however I would be very surprised if they shared this journalist's view of British forces.

    Aside from that the photos/video are some good stuff and well worth a view, the commentary should just be taken with a grain of salt.

    Just my .02.
  8. Are you whining? Did you not like what someone had to say?
  9. I've read several posts on arrse concerning the lack of equipment, logistics, etc., for UK forces in Afghanistan. While the journalist may have incorrectly placed the blame on local commanders he's certainly hit on something that's impacted their performance and has been commented on on this very forum.

    I hope you have the same view of the UK media when it chooses to engage in the sport of sniping at US troops and commanders, as seems to be their habit.
  10. The journo wrote that the americans and Canadians had to save the Queens arse, did he not pick up that she is the Queen of Canada too :lol:
  11. An email from A, a FOO with the Canadian Armed Forces in The Stan received a fortnight ago.


    "We resupplied the Brits and unfortunately it turned dark and we couldn’t get out of there, so we had to spend the night. We were attacked with small arms RPGs and mortars three times that night, I still can’t believe that the Brits have spent over a month living there under those conditions. They are a proud unit and they were grateful but embarrassed that we had to come save the day. And as good Canadians we didn’t let them hear the end of being rescued by a bunch of colonials!!"


    "We rode all through the night (with my LAV on a flat tire) and arrived right as the Paras Air Assaulted onto the objective with Chinook helicopters. There were helicopters everywhere. It was a hot landing zone and they took intense fire until we arrived with LAVs, and the enemy ran away. It was a different operation as we were used to a lot more intimate support tanks to shoot the Paras in. It was impressive to watch them though, they are unbelievable soldiers. "

    "I had Brit Apaches check in and they did an absolutely brilliant job at repelling the enemy. The only problem was I couldn’t understand a word the pilot was saying because of his accent! Luckily I had the Brit Liaison Officer riding in the back of my LAV. I ended up using him (a Major) as a very highly paid interpreter to help me out. "

    A very different view from the one at the start of this topic, yes? Whole thing attached to give you a better insight.

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  12. Thanks for sharing that e-mail. Amazing stuff
  13. I'm not really aware of what UK journalists are writing about much of anything, as I am in Canada. That said, no matter the journalistic source I tend to take what they put out with a healthy dose of scepticism. In my experience the majority of reporters don't have the experience to put into context what they are seeing during military operations. Despite that, they still seem to have no problem with pontificating on how ops should be conducted or critiquing the comd elm of any force or at any level. Again, just my .02, and I do know of some excellent journalists that are very knowledgeable of mil affairs.