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Ahhhhh. I've been spammed. It's not as if people don't post enough sh1te on the good old blogs without this crap. CO's please do something about moderating the blogs!!!


Follow this link to one of my blogs:

and check out all the sh1te some cnut has put on there.

I urge other bloggers (real ones, not w*nk ones) to check their blogs too.
Yes, I saw that recently. It's a problem all right, and one that can only be put right by the COs.

I hope it doesn't recur but the only way I can see that happening in the first instance (i.e. without lots of techy fiddling) is by old-fashioned moderation.

Anyway, good on you for continuing in the face of it.

Good CO

Thanks for flagging this up. We seem to be getting hit automatically. I just deleted over 300 spam comments and more were appearing. I've turned the blogs off until I can sort this
I appreciate that the COs are doing their best to close off the spam attacks and that consequently the blogs will be down for a while.

Nevertheless I'm still writing my blog. My entries will stay here on my Axim until such time as the blog section is revived, at which point they'll be uploaded on to here. I think that a few might arrive, like buses, all at the same time. It seems it is the way of things.

I look forward to blogging again, once this problem has been solved.
Possibly a stupid question, but why is there not a forum on the site for blog-like posts to be placed?

Good CO

Can you give me an example where this has been done elsewhere? I can't see a way to avoid someone's first post being immediately followed by the responses of others, but not separate as the blog comments are.

Getting the blogs running again is on the things-to-do, but unfortunately it has clashed with a server upgrade session (again) among other things to will certainly not happen within the next couple of weeks.
Any news on this, Boss?

Good CO

Sorry, but I've been focused elsewhere. I will be back on to ARRSE things (including the Google maps) in a week or so. Promise!
Good/Bad CO , any chance of getting a copy of my blogs ? My boss is doing the London Marathon and I was going to cut n paste my blogs about it but now I can't

Good CO

Polar, sure I'll crack this today although I'm still not going to have a chance this week to look at the blogs problem itself. Should I send this to your account email address?


Book Reviewer
Any joy with the Blogs yet?

Will the old Blogs still be kept when the doobry-wotsit thingy is fixed?


Would it be a solution to simply have a forum titles 'blogs'. Each thread could be a different blog entry, with comments as further posts on that thread.

You could have them on a link where they are currently and not have them listed on the main boards if separation was required. Also avid and trusted bloggers could become mods.
I don't think there's that much interest in reviving the blogs.

Shame, but there we are.
Any news on this Boss?

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