Blog from Helmand by ex-soldier now journo

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by vaughans, Aug 27, 2007.

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  1. See my blog, currently from Afghanistan. I am an ex-soldier who left the Army 20 years ago. I left to become a freelance video journalist and am currently visiting my old outfit. My visit is endorsed by Task Force Helmand.

    See also, the outfit that I started in London, and look for youtube posts as I get opportunity.

    I am trying to tell the stories from the soldiers perspective and cover issues that traditional broadcasters and publishers would not bother with. As an independent freelance I am responsible for my own editorial decisions.

    I am interested in feedback. Let me know if there is something that I should be reporting on.

    I would be grateful if you could forward the link to anybody that you think would be interested. Thanks.
  2. nice one.
  3. wow 'vaughans', you do get about. Nice blog. Keep your head down.
  4. Hey Hey I was at a Frontline thingy recently with Horst Faas!...great evening. x
  5. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    That's my bedtime reading sorted.
    Keep yu scone down.
  6. Good man Vaughan; keep up the good work!

    Soldiers never had a 'voice' and, in the 'old days', maybe that was a good thing.

    However, in the 'old days' we (the soldiers) were not directed by third rate, 'wannabe' pop-star, opportunist, dishonest, deceiving, disgraced and disgraceful 'slime minsters', and their equally disreputable successors.

    In these circumstances soldiers (and their families) NEED a voice.

    'Anyone for bed & breakfast? Sorry, not you; you're a soldier arn't you?'

    A message from your slime minister:

    "Please do not not get wounded or injured on your exciting tour to Iraq or Afghanistan. I really do find it irritating to fund the costs of your medical treatment. (However, by destroying the Forces Medical Services, I can ensure you endure the same awful NHS as the rest of us - sorry not 'us' - YOU!)

    "Remember, if you get wounded and do not die, I am responsible for funding your medical treatment (I control EVERYTHING) and the money could better be spent on 'illegal immigrants' or 'convicted killers' that we are not allowed by the European Soviet Union to deport.

    I love the European Soviet Union because:

    a: there is 'Soviet' in their name, and:

    b: they have promised to give me lots of money to give to the 'regions' we do not have. except: Scotland.

    PS: All soldiers are 'tory shite'.
  7. Stay safe fella
  8. I have been here a week and am now getting stuff up on YouTube. Some good stuff on an advance to contact in Sangin with the Anglians and Grenadiers.
  9. I have been here a week and am now getting stuff up on YouTube. Some good stuff on an advance to contact in Sangin with the Anglians and Grenadiers.

    You can see it on my blog:
  10. I've read about your exploits in Frontline, amazing escapade in GW1, keep it up.

    Oh, and keep your head down. :)
  11. Excellent stuff.

    Thank You.
  12. great work Vaughn, keep up the good work and keep your head down
  13. Rock'n'roll, Isquared. With you all the way.

    Vaughans: if you haven't spotted it already, the longest (?) thread on ARRSE is all about Afg - all contributions welcome - even if it's just a link to your latest blog (which is a good'un BTW):

    Be careful out there.
  14. For those who understand such things there is a RSS feed to his blog too.