Blocking Sites - MoD Big Brother continues its campaign

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by THE_EDITOR, Jan 29, 2007.

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  1. Hey - why is it every time I log into the Internet from DII I find more and more sites blocked. It must only be a matter of time before those who access ARRSE through DII get blocked too..........
  2. I've noticed that too, although it is meant to be a work tool, and I really shouldn't be spending all day reading through the best of NAAFI.

    I can justify being on ARRSE as the 'Outside the Wire' is giving me some good tips on my impending civvyism, but I'd have to get Mrs BLiar to defend me on that one, as my right to freedom of expression should be extended to boobie pics, possibly.

    If you can justify some of the sites that you want unblocked, then you could always call DCSA and get them to change the permissions. And if you get them to allow us to sign onto MSN/Yahoo etc, all the best.
  3. Why block ebay though, that was a really good site to do a little shopping when I had a free moment, really annoying
  4. You can log in to Ebay outside of normal working hours on DII.

    It's been blocked during the working day to stop people shopping/flogging tat when they should be grafting (that's what I was told when I asked our rep from the thought police about it anyway).
  5. How about using a proxy?

    Use one of the British ones on here - Proxy
    Peek At Work is quite fast.

    I wouldn't advise signing in to Ebay when you're using one but it's ok for ordinary browsing.
  6. I used to work on the Land CSS(R) system so the restriction was on all the time, buggers
  7. Both above links blocked by DII firewall
  8. If they werent before, having been on here they are now .....

    Ok...coat, tin foil hat ..... door....
  9. Ebay was blocked during UK working hours as there was people kicking the t1ts out of it by running their own business online. So you can blame the minority for ruining it for the majority.

    MSN, Yahoo etc are banned as they they can potentially allow unauthorised software, files etc through the EGS without permission.

    The more people whine about how sites are getting blocked and the more often people suggest the use of proxy servers will result in arrse getting blocked.