Blockbuster gone bust

Blockbusted then.
B'Astards..theiveing scrotes,,when I joined about 25 years ago I paid extra for a lifetime membership and I only used them about 30 times, ....!!!"
Best you **** off and die quickly before they actually shut for good.
There used to be a Blockbusters in Richmond and I'd hired Jarhead on DVD (yeah, I know). I got called back to The Beach for some work type thing and didn't take it back for a week.

35 ****ing quid. I could have bought it for less, and it wasn't even that good. The cheeky bastards. I asked if I could keep it. You can guess my response when they said no.

It's a furniture shop now. Hahahahahahaaaaaa.


I'm gutted as I'm offshore for the next 5 weeks so will miss the big DVD sell off

With their selfish attitude towards me I have no sympathy.
Bets on the next one...

WHSmith - sells expensive books. (Someone online sells them cheaper)
Waterstones - sells expensive books. (Someone online sells them cheaper)

By the end of this FY, I predict that most high street facades will be:

McDs, Costas, KFC, Starbucks, Subway, M&S, McDs, Poundland, Dominos, Tesco Express...and so on in that order...

(Franchises - can have as many as punters want in one town)

Would this be a good opportunity to rent a load of cheap DVDs and then wait for them to close?
Waterstones is owned by HMV, I believe.
You also believe in sky pixies.

The killer bunny rabbits are also in your dreams.

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