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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by re-stilly, Oct 8, 2011.

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  1. And I don't mean the local beast from the Scat, Eisporthalle etc.

    When doing a stint at CETC Hameln there were a couple of tortoises wandering the corridors there was also a rumour of a bloke with Piranhas as well and at Iserlohn one of the guys had Gerbils. What other exotics were kept in the blocks and how did they escape inspections??
  2. Our block in Detmold had a Caiman which lived, generally, in a bath. Quite how it avoided detection remains a mystery, possibly by being temporarily re-homed in a sister unit's block, but not its demise. Having become large and grumpy, it was transported downtown and deposited in the Schloss's lake. ISTR a number of locals complained about the decimation caused to the resident wildfowl, and the tale ends with our former pet being taken out by two rather surprised CivPlod.
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  3. Knew a chap who purchased a snake on the basis that he could hide it from any prying eyes by removing it to a shoebox under his bed during any inspections. Sadly the BOS noticed the conspicuous terrarium and rumbled him.
  4. From my time in Herford in the 90s there always seemed to be a couple of Chinchillas knocking about or some form of spider. Funnily enough I don't remember anyone in the blocks in the U.K having a pet.
  5. I had crabs does that count?
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  6. That's cos everybody fucks off home to mummy the first chance they get, whereas the baor/bfg bloke usually only went home on block leave.
  7. In BAOR knew a couple of lads in the Signal Troop at RAF Bruggen who kept snakes. Myself and the OC didn't have a problem with it as they had the good manners to seek permission.
  8. Back in the 80’s in Bielefeld one lad had a white rat. In another room there were two chinchillas one died when it chewed through the wire of the owner’s fridge I know that true because I bought the fridge after some dodgy repairs. The other was reported to have died when a large drunken Scotsman sat on it cage and farted, but I’m not sure that’s true. A guy in my room had a fish tank with one fish in it. We were meant to look after it when he went on a B2 Rad ops course but due to neglect and being depth charged with 10 pfennig bits it soon died. We put it in an old crisp packed and posted it to him knowing that mail was always handed out on morning parade. The OC knew about the fish/rat/ chinchillas it didn’t seem to be an issue. I’m sure someone also had a budgie.
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  9. I had a gerbil called Geordie when I was at Harden Bks, DKMH Catterick. Just locked him in my wardrobe on inspection days, being in the dark kept him quiet, oh and the smell from my shoes probably knocked him out too. Surprised I never got shopped as when I'd let him run up and down the corridor in one of those plastic balls, all you could hear were screams and slamming doors from the other girls.
  10. That and the Ooohs and Aaaahs of the blokes who you let Geordie climb up their shitlockers!
  11. I once had a newt, but it eft off.

    Hahahahaha. Geddit ????
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  12. What the fuck is a chinchilla?
  13. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    It's a type of rabbit.
  14. While I was at 12 Armd Wksp in Osnabruck we had a hamster called Hendrix (coz it was black innit).

    I think one of the other rooms had a fishtank - can't remember anything else.
  15. I suppose when you get bored with fucking it you could always have it for tea.