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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by ihaep, May 19, 2008.

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  1. im joining in the summer months and have been warned that i could get up to 3 weeks block leave in august, does everyone get this??
  2. No. Just you. You are special.
  3. On a serious note - Is this true?
  4. Block leave for summer is 'usually' the last 3 weeks in August
  5. Do you get it during basic though?
  6. i think u do get it in basic, my mate went into the signals last year and got block leave in august, i was just wondering if every regiment gets it!
  7. if you didnt that would mean that no instructors would ever get any leave as they would have to stay and train you
  8. that is a very good point, so i will get some summer leave then hopefully! it would be easier without the leave because the training is out the way, but i wont be complaining when im soaking up the sun on a 18-30s!
  9. During my basic training (12 years ago) There was only Christmas leave for recruits. I have no idea what they do now.
    As for the instructors they normally got their leave between intakes.
  10. Ive just asked one of the sgt's at the online office and he said no we dont get it in basic training. (summer leave).

    Im confused as some people say we do and the sgt said we dont.
  11. Well if the Sgt. said no, i would believe him rather than the people on here, no offence :)
  12. Yes you get block leave, and supposed to use it to have a 3 week long block party.

    And carry on your training at the same time!