Block Leave.. explanation?

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by wkdblue, Apr 28, 2008.

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  1. Can someone explain the idea behind block leave? It's something thats never been done before for us and the intelligent chaps in our hq have suddenly decided to instigate it even though we are off ops nad on a training year?
    I'm guessing this may well be a dumb question but it's a serious one! :?
  2. It's where the whole unit goes on leave save for a few on rear party.
  3. This is a 'Wah' right?
  4. no it's not a 'wah'

    like I said it's not something we have ever done. I alawys gathered it was something that was done pre and post op?
    I've also heard mentioned something about block leave being authorised by your oc/co and it's buckshee so won't effect your ILA but that sounds a bit bollocks
  5. If your whole unit is looking at being away training and then Ops for a good chunk of the year then this is probably why block leave has been implemented. The CoC can then orgainise themselves better without penalising the soldiers by making them lose leave at the end of the year.

    The only other types of units that i know implement block leave are Army Schools (Ammo, Pet, Log etc).
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  7. Dont you get paid double time if you volunteer to do rear party duties :wink:

    Every unit i've been at in the last 20 years have had block leave (especially for Junior ranks). It is sometimes better to do rear party duties though, especially as a PAD as you normally have your leave before or after the block leave period plus the odd days off whilst during your stagging on.
  8. Every unit I have been at has had block leave. In some places it is rigorously applied and very few exceptions are made; while in others it is a guide for when to take leave. Generally it works well as everyone knows when they can book leave and the Regt/Bde/Div can work towards keeping tasks to a minimum over those periods.

    As for the original post saying they are off ops and on a training year it shouldn't mean you are necessarily in for a quiet year - certainly the forecast of events I frequently have to look at has very few clear spaces in it!
  9. In the bad old days in BAOR block leave was introduced for operational readiness when only about 30% of the Unit was allowed to be outside BAOR. It also allows the Unit to check the programme for the year and plan stand down periods which means the all leave is taken to suit the Unit not the individual (can not take leave during FXT, live firing etc). If we tried to take leave exept for exceptional circumstances we were turned down and told to take it in block leave which was taken off our leave cards.