block leave at leconfield

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by mac2935, Jan 28, 2009.

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  1. do any of you guys know if leconfield is on the block leave program. my phase 3 corse falls over the summer and ive been given a few mixed signals as always in the army. the missus will be well pissed if there aint ah well .
    cheers guys
  2. Sorry Pal, there is no such thing, or at least wasn't at DST, they could not afford to close down THAT conveyor belt . . .

    In any case, DST is a bloody holiday came NOW!
  3. ive been hearing bad things bout the place but ah well its just 10 weeks cheers bud thanks for replying.
  4. been here for week now its pretty laid back, gets a bit boring, defo no block leave tho
  5. i can imagine its just as boring as arborfield is so ill be fully prepared for that factor. just wanna get the training side of life over and done with to get to my unit
  6. It come to he who waits . . . and the DST is still a shite hole!