Block Improvements. Tell us all

Discussion in 'Juniors' started by GunnersQuadrant, Feb 22, 2002.

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  1. GunnersQuadrant

    GunnersQuadrant LE Moderator

    Block improvements are the bain of every quartermasters day.

    Although i can whine about how they would rather spend the money on a new Horse Cross country circuit on SPTA i wont.

    I have posted this here to find out about any bizarre or genuinely honest block improvements that people would like to see.

    I was recently on an improvements conference with some officers from andover and a load of other single soldiers.  many points were rasied but one springs to mind.

    One of the officers suggested "innocently" that maybe we should have a central cleaning system.  This entails a switch and port in the wall where you plug in a hose extension and hoover your room while the dust is sucked to a central point as used in some officers single accom in this country.

    Having looked at another full screw and nearly bursting out laughing we had to point out that we did not believe that would be the only thing going down through the wall.  The thought still makes me laugh today. ;D
  2. We've got  a kitchen in our block but we're not allowed to cook in it for food hygiene reasons. Now, assuming that pads are allowed to cook in their kitchens without doing a course, can we get this daft restriction lifted? And then bring in PAYD.
  3. Knock the bastard things down. Use up all the unused quarters instead of selling them off to some friggin nearly retired officer who will only sell it on for a fast buck. Then if there ain't enough quarters anymore build more off the twating things. Have proper march in's/march out's which are on the same terms as the pads and if any twat decides to trash his/her living space bill the fu~#e@s. ;)


    Just one question though _ Do we put 2'9'' beds in of the 3' beds that only grown ups are allowed. :-*

    Bollox didn't think it was going to be that complicated !!! ??? ???
  4. When the QM's walk around our accomodation we are made to remove all cooking or heating equipment such as microwaves,kettles,toasters and so on,we then have to place them either in our lockers until the inspection is complete or move them to the drying room,alias the kitchen.This is a stupid idea as then all your stuff gets used by other grotty people living in your flat who decide to cook some god awful snack in the wee hours of the morning after coming in off the piss,what is going on ???
  5. The Block!!! This must be every single soldiers nightmare. I live in a block at  my regiment and I can ones'tly say it is a shit hole!

    I'm only young but for the older guys who have to live in 3 man rooms isn't right. Imagine being almost 30 yrs old with a steady girlfriend and a child and having to share a room with 2 other guys. What privacy is there for those or us who have girlfriends?

    I'd like the thought of waking up in the morning next to my girlfriend and not wondering if some perv in my room was looking at her. Thats my first point.

    The shower area is poor not to mention hardly never any hot water, the kitchen is also a soar point. Never aloud to cook in there or make it untidy. And if your room is untidy in the slightest way you get picked up for it. We all know what army tidy is but if you live somewhere day in, day out you're gonna get the odd little bit of mess in areas of your room. Not everyone is a tidy freek.

    I think every soldier should have a single man room for private and secruity reasons.
  6. GunnersQuadrant

    GunnersQuadrant LE Moderator

    Maybe if you got promoted you would not have to share.  valid point or not
  7. It is a valid point but the block still doesn't have enough space even for the Jnco's. Would it be so hard just to falseify some kind of door between bed spaces in 3 man rooms?
  8. Perfectly feasable - I suggest you use 'falsa wood'.... ;D ;)
  9. Join the TA mate, you can wake up every morning next to your girlfriend and still do the 'soldier' thing.
  10. keep still sniper bird, I'm trying to picture you waking up next to your girlfriend......... nearly there....... :p :p
  11. GunnersQuadrant

    GunnersQuadrant LE Moderator

    Ther is already a programme in place to do this.  RschA has recently had it and they seperate each room into individual pit spaces.  Bit of a short term solution if you ask me
  12. I think ponchos and hard routine is the way forward for singlies. It's common knowledge that you're all mingers and you're living in the block because you're bagless homos!
  13. ;D[snígger];D
  14. I'm returning back to the UK in 3 weeks time and i've just found out that a simple task of fixing the showers in the block STILL haven't been completed, After 6 months.

    How can the military not get simple jobs done??

    All I wanna do is go back and chill out, but how can I if there are still civi workmen working
  15. Yea cool sniper bird and a girlfreind
    But really it is true all single living in people are mingers they dont wash duvet covers etc for months on end and do you really want to take your girlfreind back to a barrack block mmmm i dont think so,well saying that she probabally knows the room lay out than most of the guys ;D ;D ;D ;D