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When I was a Singly living in the block - the Accommodation was absolutely disgusting!!  Don't get me wrong, we kept it clean, It was the horrid minging carpets, those metal beds that wrecked your back the more you slept on them.  Those ugly bedside lockers and wardrobes that looked like you'd just bought them from the Thrift Shop - and the 2 Showers and sinks that the whole flat had to share just topped it all off totally!!

We all ended up going out and buying our own beds/lockers etc... Which I totally disagree with, I think the Army should take a deeper look into the way that the singlies are living and get our bedsides done a little more moderate and give us a few more showers, so we're not queing up every morning.  And I know it's not just the Singlies - A few of us pads have lots of problems with our houses like the heating for instance always playing up, or the cupboards falling off - Or to be more specific, the whole house collapsing! Cause thats what it feels like at the best of times.  

Now I do know that there is meant to be a refurbishing coming along in the future, but I mean come on - How many times have we heard this and that, but it's never been done!!!

So come on people, do you agree or not?????
Officers Mess accommodation is no better. I stayed in Buller Bcks last year and the rooms were foul. The water outflow pipes still rattle through the rooms and hot water is considered a luxury. That being said, it is relatively cheap. Some messes have moved to outsourced Facilities Management, and I believe that these are among some of the worst in terms of cost-cutting.


Woopert,what you said about the offr´s mess thing is a bit out of order as us junior ranks would probably consider that a luxury, Just because you probably come from a well brought up and respected house hold where daddy paid for everything by Mr plastic card.  :p
Trog.. I can see your point about the Offr's mess being luxury compared to what singlies get, but your idea of the average officer is very twisted. You are one of the 'them and us'  type of NCO, probably a junior or PTE? I'm not an officer myself, but a lot of my friends are and believe me.. there's none of that Credit card toffee nosed shit there. Well, except some of the Cav regiments ;)  Most of them could drink any of my other mates under the table in half the time and if the Reg dinners I was a guest at were anything to go by, they know a dang sight better that our Jr Ranks mess does, how to throw a good party!
Seriously though when you look at what woopert is saying.. that doesn't sound much like luxury to me.
Maybe I'm wrong to take hot water and quiet pipes for granted, but I think not.

As for Leanne's point, I agree with you mate. The standard of furnishing in the block is wanhk.  Within a month of moving in, My room had been stripped out and refitted courtesy of my own Mr. Plastic Card (;)) and IKEA!  Still paying that one off though! Carpet will have to wait though!


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Hey Davros The Dalek,
Ikea is alway's a good place to visit, is'nt it???
Believe me, it has got me into some serious money problems........... Try the Ikea card - believe me it works!!!!haha
I might have to do that mate.. especially since IKEA have withdrawn from the Tax-Free meurwersteuer(?) form system! B*stards! And to think I was going to get myself a SLOGAI, a VIRINDI and a GLIPI today! :D


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What the flimming hell are they???
I take it your on about Ikea's unusual names for each specific item???? Or am i being really dumb her????? :-[
Nope you're right.  I have a table called Yoggi and other stuff called other stuff!

The merwerwhatereveritis is a form you have to get from the RAO when serving in Germany which means you don't have to pay German VAT on stuff you buy. But Ikea just stopped taking them..   :mad:


You have all gone mad, SEXTOYS !!

You know why IKEA wont take the forms dont you..

Becouse people werent going back to pay there bills, how sad is that, of course its the the Army´s fault first the give us crap furniture and then not enough money to pay the bill, once we bought our own...

no ive gone mad  :-/

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