Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Dr_Evil, Jun 28, 2004.

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  1. While lazing in my "Death Star" at the weekend, I was pretty shocked to read in the Sunday Torygraph what some 400m running champ eats as his usual daily diet. Shocked because it looks rather less than the amount that I eat, even taking into account that I eat for Mini-Me and me.

    Here's what the athlete eats:

    Breakfast: Cinnamon bagel with peanut butter and jam; fruit juice; coffee
    Mid-morning: Can of Red Bull
    Lunch: Baked potato with tuna and baked beans
    Mid-afternoon: McDonald's burger
    Dinner: Carbo-free burger (i.e., a home-made hamburger with no bun); salad; banana split
    Booze: Nil

    That's nothing!

    To make things worse, the nutrionist who looked at his diet said that he should cut down once he stops his running career or he would end up looking like a darts player.

    Has anyone got an example daily diet taking into account the amount of PT my minions do? It should cater for 4 x 45-min gym - ie, bit of cardio then weights - sessions per week plus 3-4 x 45-minute cardio sessions per week; forget about what they get up to on their Dr Evil training exercises as it is just as likely to be sedentary as to involve physical effort. I don't want them getting fat - uniforms are expensive, you know!

    Just spiel something off from the top of your head, to cover just one typical day. I'd like to see what you reckon would be a good example.
  2. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    Yes, but a 400m running champ is not that fit. Try putting a bergan on his back making him tab 20 miles and then do an assault course.

    I'm suprised telly land hasn't made athletes do some Army fitness tests without any training to see how they compare.......or maybe they have.
  3. You should watch more TV, General. Get yourself a space station with a whole wall of TV screens, just like the ones Rupert Murdoch and I both have.

    There was a programme based on exactly that idea some time ago, in which athletes were made to do bleep tests, BPFA, etc. One or two did well (triathletes), the remainder were pretty rubbish.
  4. Breakfast 8am

    wholewheat muesli with semi skimmed milk

    snack 10.30

    banana or nuts, or if hungry or if already trained bagel with some protein


    fish salad and veges ( but if training at lunch - then jacket and tuna and baked beans and veges or chicken and brown rice and veges or cous cous and salmon and veges.

    snack 2.30 - if nuts at 10.30 then apple, if banana at 10 30 seeds.


    if no carbs at lunch carbs and protein and some veg., if lots of carbs at lunch and no evening training then protein and veges.
  5. Ive just eaten a very, very large chocolate bar. In an hour Ill have a big chicken dinner followed by strawberries and Icecream.

    For lunch I had a full fat mayonaise and chicken sandwich.

    for break fast I had a bowl of cornflalkes with sugar and full fat milk and two slices of toast.

    Im 5`7, have a 30inch waist and run 1.5 mile in 8.30. I run for half an hour a day, monday to friday.

    Is this a more normal kind of living or should I just cut out the running. :)
  6. My normal daily diet and PT routine are fairly bog standard, however, when back in blighty I have a donner kebab every single night without fail, even if we go out for dinner I have a small kebab later !, DON'T KNOW WHY !, maybe coz it's the only thing I can't get where i'm based !. PS i'm 6'3", 14 stone, and can run / tab like the wind !
  7. 8O You may want to be a bit more specific about what the protein is contained in or some of the sick people on this site may get the wrong idea!
  8. When I was a lot younger I used to do a bit to weight training to try and bulk up as I was a 6 ft tall, 11 stone beanpole. Apart from PT and 2 hours weight training 5 nights a week (max weight minimum reps as recommended by Arnie!) my daily diet consisted of:

    Full english fry up for breakfast.
    Bacon butty for NAAFI break.
    Two course lunch containing loads of pasta and chicken.
    Afternoon NAAFI break of chocolate bars.
    Full evening meal of whatever was most filling.
    5-6 pints of lager in the bar.
    12 inch fully loaded pizza before bed.
    3000 calories of Instant Bulko weight gain drink.

    The end result, an increase in weight of 1/2 stone after 7 months!!!!

    Anyone got a remedy for worms??
  9. X-Inf

    X-Inf War Hero Book Reviewer

    BAR STARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Listen, you can do all the training you want and all the phyzz you want but it depends on what you were born to do. We all know stories of some "MR Fitty" who smokes about 50 a day and is on the piss every night yet can still griz out a BFT in just shy of 3 mins. Me personally, I am a big lad (6' 4" and about 19 stone) and I run the BFT in about 10 minutes. Still didn't stop me doing anything I wanted to do. Fcuk the training!! If Mr Fitty can do it, fair play, but providing you pass, who cares??????? :D
  11. And did they try the reverse? Getting the army lads to swim 200m butterfly, or run 800m or throw the discus (or what have you)?

    I've heard tell that it's the gymnasts who are the really fit types if looked at all round.

    It's all horses for courses I reckon - most of the people on the school swimming team (including me) could shift ourselves through the water, but couldn't run for toffee, since it uses different muscles, doesn't necessarily mean we were unfit, just not all-rounders. I also know one or two seriously fit fast runners who swim like bricks.

    Oh, and Big Doc is right, too. Genetics plays a huge part in all this.[/i]
  12. You're right that genetics plays a significant role in this - but that is a factor to be overcome.

    It's similar to edumication. Some people are born bright: can go out and get smashed every day, sleep through school and yet get straight As at A Level. Hang on, that's a bad example: everyone gets straight As now unless they fail to show.

    But you see what I mean. The fact that some people are born with the brains of an evil genius does not mean that everyone else should stop bothering to go to school. Still, I wish someone had used that argument on me when I was a kid - I was looking for any old excuse not to turn up.

    By the way -

    No. But then the Army lads were not the smug gits the athletes were, so there would have been less fun in watching the smiles get wiped off their faces.
  13. This is such a huge subject.

    Basically I agree. However, just as nobody 'deserves' to be born fast, or clever (or slow and stupid) or whatever, and you have to accept that it isn't an inherently level playing field; equally nobody 'deserves' to be born determined or lazy and there's only so much you can do to change that too.

    Not to say that all training is a waste of time / effort, but you can only do so much with what you have to begin with and some things you can't change - like height!

    As for none of the army lads being smug gits, I daresay I'll take your word for it :wink: