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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by pipes377, Dec 13, 2006.

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  1. It seems that BLMF is closing in the new year. A sad day as I had many a good time there and round about.
  2. Late evenings running butt naked around the outside of the Mental Factor whilst under the infuence of cheap Pivo and Stella. :D

    I can vaguely recall the look on my Tp Comds face as I ran past his office wearing nothing but floppy and soggy socks. 8O
  3. A sad day for the locally employed as well........
  4. yeah a thousand plus jobs gone
  5. Chuffed to Fcuk!
  6. Mmmmm upholding the values and standards of the British Army - Wasn't like that 10 years ago.
  7. Mmmmm upholding the values and standards of the British Army - Wasn't like that 10 years ago.
  8. No you'd have some schrunched up paper shoved up your arrse with it on fire........ :D
  9. I never did the 'Dance of the flaming Arrseholes' on Ops......has someone been spreading rumours?
  10. farwell CD ally. ohhh the beautys that dwelled there. and those "special" CD's ;)
  11. at the risk of sounding dim, WTF is BLMF??
  12. Surely a wah? Everyone knows its the Governments new answer to our "stretched, but not over stretched" forces. Its the British Legion Mobilisation Force. D'uh
  13. No compassion at all then Digitalgeek...
  14. Especially the barmaids, Dragona and her mate from the Sgts Mess :D

    I'd have paid for their forged passports to the UK, they were lovely girls.

    Then again I'd rather blow men off as they know how to give a decent hand job.
  15. Im not even going to rise to that particular wah!

    Will miss the c.d's but not Tommy Tuckers.............Gonorrhoea of the mouth anyone? Dirty skip licker..........