BLMF WOs and SGTs Mess

Discussion in 'Seniors' started by VerminWA, Aug 7, 2006.

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  1. Anyone know if there are any dress regs or odd rules in force?
  2. Yes, there is a two can rule. If you drink less than two jerry cans you are a poof...
  3. Depends who is Presiding Member....when i was there it was a Canadian RSM, who was actually Scottish, spoke with the accent and all!
    Dress regs were pretty relaxed, mainly due to the Dutch as you can imagine. But soon after it was a PTI Corps RSm so things went a bit more strict. Of course this didnt really matter to the Dutch! Not bad looking barmaids though!
  4. So I need to take shirt, tie, shoes and troosers then?
  5. If the APTC guy is still there......take your trainers as well.
  6. polo shirt and trousers will suffice, you can buy one there too.

    Dutch are a good laugh too.
  7. I found this a very quick way to go to Sgt from CSgt....via Cattrick....not good advice! :lol:

    (Mind you now back up!) :wink:
  8. I was only joking, there wasn't a mess at BL when I was was just a hell of a mess although nicer than GV!
  9. hey guys last i remember this was deemed ok but the religious artefact was frowned upon.

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  10. I have just got back from BLMF (Inf Pl Sgt, D Coy) with the A&SH and the tarra had us in T-shirt with coller and Trs, NO trainers...

    its a $h!t mess anyway goto the Brit Bar it's a lot better...