Bllody Dominoes

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Bedfordrl, Oct 6, 2012.

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  1. Just had a bit of a conflab in Dominoes.

    In the window is the price list for all sizes of pizza's with £9.99 for the large , when we waved the magic MOD 90 did we get half price ie £5.00 ? did we feck , the price pre discount suddenly went up to £16.99 so we ended up 40p better off .

    When I enquired why to the girl who obviously does not eat the shit they purvey as she was stick thin ,she went on about the price being "carry out", what the feck is carry out ???, apparently it is "Yank" for takeaway which what we we going to do ,, but oh no, the MOD 90 attracts the higher price (non "carry out") and so you do not get the half price offer.

    Told her she could shove her sexed up bread and cheese and flounced out.

    Is it just me??
  2. Boo hoo, you didn't get your hero discount.

    It's just you.

    Their company, their rules.
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  3. Double six? I'm chapping.
  4. Will you come to my wedding? You sound like an awesome lad on the lash.

    You miserable prick.
  5. Bllody Dominoes?
    Your spelling is good?
  6. Did you not die inside begging for cheap junk food because you're a hero?
  7. You pay for toppings and shit. If you order a large cheese pizza with fuck all on it and no sides then, yeah, it's £9.99.

    Add ham or mushrooms or shit like that or get it on a stuffed crust and the price magically doubles.

    Trust me, I am an expert on the matter.
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  8. "Carry out" is a term used commonly in Scotland, though more usually applied to alcohol. The Yank for "takeaway" is "to go".
  9. Bllody Dominoes, I presume this happened in Cardiff?

    Tartan Terrier, Six three, your go.
  10. I think you mean 'Kerry oot'
    Ya bass
  11. And another bllody thing!

    M&S claim the steak is for two?

    115 gms each..... it IS suitable for vegetarians and fucking vegans
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  12. No, you need two.
  13. Erm ! First , I did correct the spelling and it seems to have reverted back , secondly yes , I am TA , it is all I can do as I am too old to be in the army proper and I enjoy every minute of it , and lastly , no , I am not or have ever said that I am a hero .