Blizzard: Race To The Pole

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by PartTimePongo, Aug 20, 2006.

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  1. Has anyone else been following this excellent series on BBC2?

    Norwegian and British teams compete to recreate Scott v Amundsen. Well worth watching.
  2. Missed it last night PTP - are the Brits still woefully behind?
  3. The Brits are still woefully behind, in fact the Norweigans are enjoying hot food, beers and showers having finished and the brits haven't even got to the pole yet. Still we are definitely winning in the stiff upper lip stakes which is all that counts, and man-hauling and short rations only make you stronger (if theu don't kill you).
  4. Isn't the expedition leader the same guy that had to fold his penis inside his own body when doing a programme with a tribe of headhunters?
    Unfortunately, it looks as if they are taking the recreation to the extent of reproducing the same result.
  5. The Norwegian team is ram full of Norgie special forces,who take ice baths for fun and can live for a month off a handful of snow and who know 101 uses for a dead seal , and were probably looking forward to Dog steak until the producers threatened them with the RSPCA if they didn't get back on script and just play at it.

    Ok I made up the bit about the dogs.

    The Brit team have some useful/interesting characters too , but in the spirit of the programme, script and historical accuracy are now lagging behind and looking to basha up and die heroically.

    However big respect to to all those taking part, clockweights of depleted uranium. I sure as hell wouldn't do it. Why couldn't Scott have mounted a desperate race and adventure to Ipanema beach? That's on the way to the South Pole, I'd happily recreate that.
  6. RTFQ


    I've been following this series if only for the fact that I loved Tribe. Whatismore, I believe Bruce Parry is the campest royal I have ever seen (anthropologically speaking). And That Is Saying Something.

    I am slightly confused however - what type of person agrees to recreate EXACTLY an expedition in which every man perished?

    Fuckwits, that's who.

    Other great ideas for BBC2 adventure series:

    Titanic Relived: Ben Fogle off Country file takes command of the Isle of Wight ferry and drives it at top speed into an iceberg, to see if modern advances in swimming trunk design would have been useful to the crew and passengers of the Titanic.

    Retouching the Void: Sandi Toksvig off Number 73 is taken to Siula Grande, has her leg broken and is dangled off a gert big ice cliff by a rope. Thick as mince housewives phone in and Richard & Judy ask them general knowledge questions against the clock. The woman who answers the most questions about Princess Diana and Eastenders plotlines gets to cut the rope. Sandi, if she survives the fall, has to then crawl as far as she can to raise money for charity.

    The Amelia Earhart Experience: Baddiel and Skinner undergo flight training prior to attempting a round the world flight with one tank of fuel, to see how far you can actually go when that little fuel warning light comes on.

    Celebrity Challenger Space Mission Scrap Heap Challenge: various godawful narcisists have 3 weeks to build a space shuttle out of Austin Allegro bits prior to being hurtled into space, or as near as they can get to space before exploding.

    Fair do's to the blokes who did it though. Large cajones indeed.
  7. Ooorrfff Tribe was fantastiche! Although I was gagging on more than one occassion when the ever-so delectable Bruce was drinking (read 'chewing') some fresh blood.... Afterwards when he commented it felt like shower drain hair gunk going down I realised I never would be able to embark on making the sequel to Deep Throat with my gag reflex- eugh!

    However, Bruce is THE ideal chap - if only a little short.... *pout*

    Did anyone clock the boil being lanced in Blizzard the other week - now that would have stained the bathroom mirror with the amount of pus inside it!
  8. I watched tribe with great interest, and duly noted the human species ability, that no matter how remote the location, and backwards the people involved, they have all managed to find a way to get ABSOLUTELY ripped to the tits.

    Although the "chewing bark until you hoop" method is a bit long winded for my tastes.

    Good series though, when does one of them trot off and carc it on his own?
  9. RTFQ


    I was a bit annoyed last night that the "Next Time on Blizzard, Race to the Pole:" epilogue actually revealed whether the brits made it to the pole or not. I'm in Edinburgh for the Tat festival (or something) this week so I'll miss the final installment, but I'm guessing it ends with a loud shout of "Feck this for a game of soldiers" and a group of skinny and shivering blokes huddled next to a NATO T made out of coloured 1912 right-angle torches.

    They'll be nuts deep in inuit working girls before the credits finish running.
  10. Buuuuuut going back to the orignal point, no I didn't see it. Who did Brucey boy pick for his final team?
    I take it the Grandson bloke was sent home...

    I've not looked, and I couldn't really condone such behaviour , but a search for Blizzard: Race To The Pole + torrents on Google may supply any programmes you've missed in the series.

    I wouldn't know for sure though...
  12. Got the names on the Norwegians?