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Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by smallbrownprivates, Aug 10, 2006.

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  1. Yes full speed ahead dammn the torpedos keep the union jack flying

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  2. of course it does tony says so

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  3. well as long as it complies with hse legislation and the huma rights act

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  4. ooer i m not sure what should i say

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  5. no im scared tell me when i can come out please

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  6. blitz which team does he play for chelski?

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  1. I've counted to 10 numerous times. I've gone out and looked at the flowers in the garden. I've looked at happy families photos and thought happy hippy pastel thoughts- none of it has worked. The decison has been made - as soon as I can I'm emmigrating to France FFS. It's been hard to consider, and awful to face, but at the moment I'd rather live in france surrounded by cheese eating hairy armpitted crapauds, than be in old blighty.

    I can't bl00dy stand it, my country has become as weak and as fear bound as the septics. The security budget has been increased, we have all these new agencies, new laws have been put in and terror alerts still bring the country to a stand still. With all that money and power they still can't stop the .buggers, and prevent massive financial losses to UK plc.

    every terror threat that stops UK from working is a victory to the terrorists. Every time we start at shadows, every time we live in fear that something "might" happen, they win.

    We have security of a level that is getting higher and higher every day, that can detect more and more sophisticated devices. Look at 9/11, they had to retard their level of weapon sophistication to be successful. Since richard reid's exploding trainers, we've had full body scanner, shoe xrays, sniffer dogs - and we still get this sh1t.

    Are we the country that had an empire that spanned the world, whose opinion and policies impacted on millions of lives, who were a bench mark for other less able nations to match?

    It makes me furious that in some areas we can look up to the frogs.

    any one else they still trying to cling on to the concept of uk/GB as world leaders in anything?

    i would go off in a huff and ruffle my telegraph if they had them in this part of the world, but i can't.

    rant over
    (awaiting mod's edit)
  2. I lived and worked in France (Paris) for two years, grass is always greener mate. The place is a police state and this is coming from someone who was described by his missus recently as dangerously right wing.
  3. Kill everyone (not people from great britain) and start again... thats what I say :)
  4. :D
  5. This was not an ill considered rant, I know france and the french very well. Been speaking the language and working with crapauds for a while. I'd still rather have their police state than ours.

    we're w#nk at police states and too bl00dy compliant. when french farmers riot, their government pays attention, we get embarrassed to raise a legitmate complaint, and then accept any spoon fed .crap from TCR- "greatest danger since WWII" - what was he smoking when the cuban missile crisis was on?

    Look if we had better weather, fitter women, nicer wine, bit of a cafe society and a bit better food, then not a problem with these terror alerts.

    i'll be the first in terminal 1 drinking my expresso with a pain au wot not, watching the fit young female executive getting a little uncomfortable in her chic work clothes, waiting for my moment to go up with a "onhee, onhee, mamselle, could i provide you with a chilled glass of finest regional rose, and discuss the finer points of sartre, while gazing deep in to your clarins enhanced visage, before retiring to a nearby hotel for quelque exploits sexuelle comme des singes energetic" whilst waggling my eyebrows. :D :wink:

    we can't compare: some fat HR trollope with her gunt over flowing her winter weight M&S suit skirt, the pick of an unchilled WHSmith drinks cabinet and melting twix's. Ah england 8O
  6. On 7/7 I was surprised. Most of the travelling public were either down trodden and weary or frightened.

    The tube drivers nearly went on strike.

    The bus drivers (many of whom were not born here I would guess) were however great with a fair few "who the fcuk do they think they are the luftwaffe brov innit" type comments.

    I think they had the blitz spirit. My police officers certainly did. But then we had something constructive to do where as the public didn't. I still look back on the experience of last July as what I joined the MPS for.

  7. The hairy armpitted, snail scoffing surrender monkeys are better at a Police State than us? What does that say about Blairs Britain? Bring back Maggie, that's what I say. That woman took no Sh1t, gawd bless 'er. In a perfect world I'd push the United Kingdom out into the middle of the atlantic and then raze Europe and the middle east entirely... Problem solved (the only problem being that it would take us closer to those damned Yanks).
  8. Hey, someone should look into that.
  9. I too think this country has had it. We have more of a siege mentality nowadays. I too might retire to France and get away from "Merry Old England". I am sick to death of travelling to work every day in graffiti daubed trains where you cannot see out of the windows for all the little darlings scratches obliterating the view, not that a litter strewn countryside is worth looking at however. I have to get on an outdated underground system and sweat my gones off whilst the smell of the great unwashed British public (those that are British) assaults my nostrils, I then get up to leave the train and walk past the seats that other little darlings have tried to set alight, pass all the discarded copies of Metro that people dump onto the floor and then walk along the platform where to the total disregard of the obvious NO SMOKING signs I have to walk through more smoke than a bunker with the max dosage of CS Gas.

    How I would like this country of ours to go back to the time when everybody had decent values. A time when old people were looked after and children could play out in the street without fear of being molested by some pervert out for his own gratification. A time when children had much fun making a soapbox cart from old pram wheels and an orange box, unlike today where they have to have all the latest gizmo's. When you could go out for the day and leave your doors unlocked and still return and find your possessions all present and correct. A time when people had respect for one another and attained much pleasure from just being nice.

    I guess its because I am getting older now and my values have not changed that I find this country a shadow of its former self.
  10. Nah, we've still got it. Just ignore (or punch) any pantywaist Guardianista pinko subversive single mum on benefit, and look at the average man or woman. When it comes to the crunch, the average Brit will crack on with life no matter what some mad fcuker has done or what some meejah tit has espoused.


    "some fat HR trollope with her gunt over flowing her winter weight M&S suit skirt"

    Is a Gunt where the lardbird's belly and pudenda have morphed into one glutinous, smelly podge?

    Brilliant word, keep up the good work, and submit it to the OED!
  11. I think we still have it -

    A couple of days after 9/11 when America, en masse cancelled it's holiday to Europe, everyone I knew was saying,

    "Fcuking hell £99 quid to New York, i'll have some of that"
  12. Christ, I wouldn't go if I was paid £99 to go... The place is full of fat, opinionated, xenophobic (sic), cankerous Yank tossers... Allegedly. :x
    Almost (but not quite) as high on my list, as the French.