Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Liams908, Nov 7, 2010.

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  1. Hi are there anyways of preventing blisters while in basic ?:ufo:
  2. Preventing? No.
    Curing? Try tinc benz.

  3. Sorry but I think there's loads of ways of prevention...

    As said, loads of threads on here but here's some advice I've heard, try them and see what works:

    The best solution is time in boots..... As this is basic I guess it will be issue boots... Well get a set as early as possible then start wearing them all the time. Don't be tempted to start smashing out CFTs (walks with weight) in the early days as there will be loads of time for that, just wear them around the house, to the shops but it will take 2 couple of weeks for the leather to start creasing in the correct place.

    The next tip is socks... unless you have the DS from hell, you SHOULD be able to get away with non-issue socks. Issue socks are a nightmare (well for me, some love them), get yourself some long quality walking socks from a brand such as Bridgedale or 1000 mile and make sure they are breathable such as Coolmax. I'd stay away from the "bulky" pure wool types as they will make your feet sweat more and will stay wet. As you are probably on a budget, I'd visit your local TKMax as they normally stock a decent range and if you look you will find a bargain.

    Whilst on the topics of socks... some people swear by layers. i.e. wearing a thin sock under the outer sock. I did this for a number of years but eventually just stopped doing it.. I think it does work but be very careful as to what baselayer sock you choose and I'd always go for a specific liner sock not just a thin sports sock as they might be prone to slipping into the boot and causing major dramas.

    One of the best prevention methods though is taping. This is awesome but again some caution needs to be taken. Firstly use the right tape!!!!! I've seen people tape feet with black nasty "gaffa" tape and this leads to pain! You need to use Zinc Oxide tape. Here's where the problem starts.... not just any Zinc Oxide tape either. If you go to Boots and ask for some, they'll sell you thin tape which will come unstuck ruck up and again result in blisters. You need wide medical or physio grade tape which you can buy off the net or get for free from your nearest Medic (I've been told before that they can only give you tape IF you already have an issue!!!).

    The next thing is putting the tape on. You should have an idea of wear your feet rub by now (hotspots) so tape those areas BUT don't use more tape than needed to cover the area and hold in place and not too tight as this will lead to poor circulation and poor movement, good tape will stay in place. If in doubt, ask someone local that's experienced.

    Other tips....

    Vasaline .... err never tried it but people had sworn by it.

    Changing socks regularly (goes without saying)

    Best tip.... NEVER be tempted to do something new re. boot admin before a long tab unless it's life or death! Worst blister experience I had was I'd just come off 20 miles in my favourite boots only to disover at the end one of the eyelets had torn. I had another 40 miles to do the next couple of days and decided to buy some new Gucci boots and crack on as alot of people say you can just wear them out of the box... well 10 miles into the event I was pooring blood out of them... Stick to what works and try new ideas in your own time.

    Good luck mate.
  4. icecold

    icecold Clanker Reviewer

    I'm just in the process of writing a review of GoEngo Blister patches which should be in the review forum in the next few days, as a quick sneak peak though I'd recommend them.

  5. Cheers mate i really appreciate it :)