Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by gorilla, Apr 13, 2010.

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  1. Hi, I've been suffering from blisters on the same area of my feet for years, doesn't matter what footwear or socks I wear, I always get the blisters when running. I've already tried the usual, zinc oxide tape and hardening up my feet. Any ideas would be useful.

    Many thanks in advance
  2. Blisters are caused by heat, which are usually caused by friction. Eliminate one or the other or both and you cannot get blisters.

    I would have a stab in the dark and say blisters on the heels, since you didnt say where they are, this is usually heel lift in the shoe, if they are laced properly the heel doesnt lift out anymore (even slightly is still heel lift)
  3. 1)compeed

    2)zinc oxide tape(the white one, not the brown one)

    3)pair of 1000 mile socks

    4)issue black socks

    in that order

    i used to get blisters on my heels all the time but this seems to have cured it for me anyway
  4. Sorry, the blisters are on ball of my feet, just on the inside edge.
  5. still even try as suggested above
  6. Then it is possible that your running footwear is too wide (or too narrow).
    Go to a proper running shop and get some properly fitted.
  7. I would agree with the previous suggestions, check that you are wearing correct width footwear. Try wearing 2 pairs of socks. I find Bridgedale coolmax are good liner socks. Use tape, dont get the stuff from boots as you may aswell stick a post it to your feet, get leukotape online or go to a specialised running shop to get some tape. Also climbing shops are good to get decent tape from.

    There is also a roll on stick you can get called 'body glide' that reduces friction and therefore reduces blisters.
  8. Blisters are nature's way of informing you that your skin is homosexual and weak.

    Hope this helps.
  9. Some good advice with zinc oxide, vaseline, two pairs of socks, compeed etc. Personally I would try and establish why you are getting them first as prevention is better than cure!!

    Insoles can make the world of a difference. Depending on the shape of your feet (flat feel, high-arch) then a moulded insolde can support your foot and stop it sliding back and forth (causing friction and in turn blisters.)

    Look at SOLE insoles (regular for running trainers and ultra for combat boots). They are my holy grail and have solved so many dramas for me and my running/tabbing. They are heat moulding, so you put them in the oven and they mould to the shape of your feet. Superb!!

    LINK 1

    LINK 2