blisters,please help

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by jase2472, Mar 3, 2007.

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  1. i am transfering to the RAMC and have just done my CMT3, i was under the impression that with blisters that you just dressed them, i got told on my course that you should pop them then dress them could anyone clarify this,cheers
    jase :thumright:
  2. There are a million and one ways to deal with blisters, I dont know what the official RAMC text book way of dealing with blisters is but if a soldier cant sort his own blisters out and needs the RAMC to do it for for him then what is the rest of his personal admin going to be like? The RAMC should be left to deal with proper injured guys and not mongs who cant even look after their own feet!
  3. If you have blisters, JAIL THEM!!!
  4. tell them to fuck off out the med centre and get boots that fit.
  5. Soldiers feet = Soldiers responsibility

    Pop blister, dress, talc, socks.

    Establish way?

    You can have the best boots in the world,you will at some stage get
    blisters for whatever reason.

    CMT 3 Should not be interested in this injury.
  6. My theory is to leave them...but after leaving a blister on my heel that went bad and infected my foot I would advise to leave them until endex then pierce with a sterile needle/pin/tent peg whatever and drain the fluid off. Not draining mine cost me a prescription for anitbiotics and a bloody sore foot that made walking difficult.

    Of course you may not be on a weekend ex in which case you would have a "real" medic knocking around somwhere
  7. When I was a Junior we did an Exped over Dartmoor. I had very big bad blisters (after being made to ware these bright red knee high socks and boots that were from WWI) and they became infected.

    I spent a week laying on my front with my heels in the air getting them injected twice a day with Tinct Benze in the Med Centre!

    Not fun I can tell you!
  8. I think it is personal choice.

    Personnally should I get blisters, which I rarely do but sometimes they do crop up, I cover them with compeed. Maybe a bit of zinc oxide. Jobs a good 'un.

    Some blisters are unavoidable, so as a CMT you should also try a bit of preventitive medicine.

    Remind the afflicted that next time they should zinc oxide over where they got their blisters this time, as they may reoccur there.

    And hotspots, they turn in to blisters if you go far enough.

    Altogether now...

    "What is a hotspot not?!!!"
  9. I got very bad blisters whilst out walking last summer. I do quite a lot of walking and had done about 40 miles over a few short walks to break in a pair of new Britton boots. Had no problems. On the day in question, my feet just started to fall apart after about five miles. The blisters around my heels were about the size of two fifty pence pieces and opened up. I got blisters around my toes too. After 22miles I was in a real mess and we cancelled walking for the rest of the holiday. Only explanation I can think of was that a combination of thinner socks than usual, very hot weather and fcukin rubbish boots caused it. Anyway, I found the compeed dressings superb. I'd used spenco ones in the past but had been given these by a friend. It took about a week for the wounds to heal.
    I bought a pair of the old CHs and have had no bother since.
  10. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    1. Make sure your new boots are the right size and width.

    2. Wear an extra pair of socks for a while - I used to use cotton tennis socks, never had problems.

    3. If you do get a blister drain it, use some atiseptic and padding then wrap very carefully with a LOT of very sticky plater - not the little strips the long one so you can getextra padding over the blister area and it won't rub off.
  11. My first post so hi guys. i heard a while ago that soaking your feet in surgical spirit a week or so before going on exercise will help avoid blisters, is that crap or is there any truth in it?
  12. There is truth in the surgical spirit.

    But you need to do for a lot longer than a week prior. Try a month or 6 weeks. It hardens the skin.

    Two ways of doing it. Rub on the spirit with cotton swab. or just dunk your feet in to a container of it. Tried both, to be honest, not worth it.

    Your feet feel nice and cool for a while though!!! Container option a bit of a fire risk too.

    Zinc oxide - the way ahead. Compeed for actual blisters.
  13. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    Whilst this does toughen the outer layers of skin, the skin can crack which can be painfull and harder to treat on the spot. You're better off taping your feet IMHO.
  14. cheers guys think ill avoid the surgical spirit.
  15. I used to get horribe blisters, no matter what.

    Bought the 1000 mile socks, and other anti rub socks, bought a proper fitting set of Alterbergs, etc etc

    But still had hotspots on the backs of my heals.

    tried the boots zinc oxide etc, didnt work very well.

    Then a buddy told me to used Leukotape, i would put this on backs of heals etc and i NEVER got blisters again, this stuff was great for me it ges on and stays on, doesn not rub off etc.

    I would get some of this stuff, its a bit pricey about £6 a roll, but a roll will lst a long time, and to not get blisters iknow i would pay alot more.

    Hope this helps