Blisters on hands

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Ginge1985, Jul 18, 2011.

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  1. Checked a few threads already and all blister topics focus on the feet. I'm currently training to join but having worked forever in retail my hands never saw much use when it comes to lifting etc.
    Now the problem I'm having is I'm getting serious blisters all over my hands when I'm doing heaves or practising jerry can carries and consequently my grip is letting me down.

    Any good fixes or cures for this or is it a case of work through them until they toughen up.

    As usual any advice or pisstaking is appreciated.
  2. Gloves????
  3. Stop masturbating.
  4. Twat, I wanted to say that.
  5. It helps (stops) if he wears Boxing gloves ;-)
  6. Man the hell up. Jerry can carry has got to be the easiest thing in selection to pass, and after a little while your hands will get used to heaves.
  7. I trained with gloves for a while and while they don't give me blisters I figured that I won't be wearing them at selection or owt so wanted to crack on without them.

    I'll only stop masturbating if someone volunteers to come and do it for me.
  8. I know the can carry is easy doesn't stop my gentle hands blistering up though. Heaves are the real worry as I struggle to maintain grip for more than two at the moment.
  9. Jarrod! Customer for you!
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  10. Keep working on grip exercises, not just heaves and jerry can carry but other compound exercises too like deadlifts. These will condition all of your muscle groups for training.

    Keep at it and your hands will roughen up, you'll just have to put up with the blisters.

    P.S. If you think they're sore now, try taking part in a ceremonial parade 3 days after winning in the Army Tug-o-War championships at Larkhill. oh yeah!!!
  11. Its a sad indictment of C21 Britain, that a "man" has never used a shovel, axe, woodsaw, sledgehammer etc and toughened his hands naturally.
    If you cant do something manly, at least continue with the masturbation, but increase the frequency, duration and violence. You'll soon have hands as tough as a hippos clout ........and a penis like roadkill.
  12. ..............and a right arm like Arnold Schwarzeneger.
  13. Now I'm older and wiser I couldn't agree more. At the time I started work however the cash I was bringing in at 15 years old was a bit more important than using a hammer (part of the Playstation generation ethos I guess) I'll keep your advice in mind however and increase the violence in all things self abuse based.
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  14. Harden the **** up, get a wheel barrow full of bricks and push it everywhere you go. Did me no harm before I joined up and I even got paid for it! Jerry can tests, heaves and generally carrying heavy shit was a doddle after 9 months on a building site working for the fastest two brickies in west central Scotland.

    Seriously though, is this a wind up? Are you one of them blokes who cuts about civvie gyms wearing Bennett, of of Commando, style gloves. You might want to worry about your feet aswell, if your hands are going man down after 2 heaves your going to enjoy your first tabbing experience.

    Surgical spirit is good, so I'm told.