Blisters from Tabbing

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Sapper007, Jul 3, 2006.

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  1. Can any one give me some sound advice on the best way to treat blisters caused by tabbing, I dont have any on the soles of my feet, just on the tops of my toes and heels.
    Done the basics like dry dressings and letting the air get to them, but was wondering if there was anything you can buy to put on to help speed up the process as i want to get back out runing ASAP

  2. Savlon works well for speeding up healing and washing your feet at least 3 times a day, if possible dont wear shoes flip flops or slippers are better just to let air circulate.
  3. Lance the blisters, squeeze the gunk out, cover with zinc oxide tape and get going!
  4. I've found that lancing them with a needle and thread, and cutting the thread without pulling it all the way through is a surefire way for them to heal as quickly as possible. Naturally, I soak the thread in surgical spirit first, but it allows any more fluid that may build up to drain away immediately......

    I also once used a blister kit I'd bought which contained an alcohol wipe, razor blade and a swab which contained a liquid that when applied to the opened blister caused me to hit the roof, it was that painful....worked a treat tho, just cant remember where I got it.......
  5. Prevention is better than cure though. I find that wearing a thin pair of socks under my army socks works well as it dissapates the friction which causes the heat which causes the blisters. Also if you do have 'hot' spots where you commonly get blisters then put some plasters or zinc oxide tape on there before you tab.
  6. Don't go tabbing
  7. I agree that prevention is better than cure. Fcuk issue boots buy better ones unless you are in a muppet bullshit unit. And a very gay way of preventing blisters is to buy womens knee highs the tight 70 denier ones (try woolworths ones) wear two pairs fill second pair with talk, issue socks over them. This does work exceptionally well if however that is too much like cross dressing go with the above quote.
    Another thing a male friend does and this will make him a laughing stock- his wife gives him a pedicure before and after tabbing. That means there is no rough dead skin to rub, preventing blisters. Just think if you have not got a wife gives you an excuse to go and have some fit beautician pamper you for an hour. I suggest you say away from bright red polish. :wink:
  8. zinc oxide tape on there before you tab.
    tape your feet up well.
  9. All hail the omnipotent one :)
  10. Tinc Benz. Nowt like it. Magic :crying:

  11. Further to earlier answers; if you have access to surface 02 I suggest you give it a try:)
  12. A set of altberg defenders, and zinc oxide to prevent blisters, i also favour bridgedale socks with coolmax. to treat existing blisters; lance and drain then put your flip flops. if you need to keep your boots on put a very thin layer of vasaline on the wound then zinc oxide over the top.
  13. What is surface 02?
  14. Lance the base of the blister so that all the Fluids drains downwards, apply zinc Oxide tape to the base of the heal and up towards the Achillie tendon, Pinch the excess and cut away to leave expantion gaps, with the toes use Zinc oxide tape again wrap around the toe but again leave a gap for expantion or you will kill all the flesh under the tape. Ouch.