Blisters after a run

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Pit_Bull, May 14, 2008.

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  1. Big blister on little toe after an 8 miler last night.

    Ok, prevention is better than cure when it comes to blisters, so I'll be investing in some of those super-dooper socks that have been mentioned on here before.

    But can anyone advise how to treat the mildly annoying bulbous of fluid that has gathered on my toe? Is it best to pop it, drain, keep it nice and clean, patch it up and carry on running, or leave it to do its own thing and rest in the meantime? I'd rather keep on running ideally as I imagine rest wouldn't be an option should I be successful in joining.

    I await (with eager anticipation) any amusing anecdotes about blobs of fluid on toes...
  2. I always try and drain mine, and then keep it clean and covered with an air permiable dressing. Use a sterilised needle or pin and be sure to remove all the fluid, but leave the skin intact. I find this will become a tough spot or skin and so should prevent it happening again. Callousis form over time, I got some lovely ones doing martial arts in bear feet. This worked for me, but might not be the best for you, and it take time. Try it though if nothing else works. There are no quick cures though I'm afraid.

    Not a great idea to train on an injury, any injury but try swimming or cycling instead while waiting for them to heal as it is lower inpact but will keep your cardio up.
  3. Small blister like that I'd just get on with it and keep training.

    I had a huge blister after the Great North Run last year. Atleast 3 x 1 inches in size right on the sole of my foot and filled with blood too. I daren't pop it, emptied itself after about 2/3 days. I think it's best to leave them to heal naturally if you can help it.
  4. Like Bobath said - take a sterilised needle and prick the side of it. Squeeze out all of the lovely juice (not to be confused with lovejuice) and then dress it. VERY important to keep it clean!

    If you do this then you can carry on training and it shouldn't bother you after a day or so (depending on size). If you leave it (depending on size) it may be ok, but you won't get so tough skin and it will be very painful to train on for a while.

    It'll burst anyway, so be proactive and kill it!
  5. what I would advise, as a trained maniac is drain it as soon as possible, and dress it. If you leave it, there could be the possibility of it getting bigger [citation needed ;)] aswell as it generally being more painful. atleast you can fit the shape of your shoes with it popped, and also then just dress it and man up. make sure you get all the fluid out until it bubbles, just for extra satisfaction and a more precise cure. :twisted:

    p.s. note for popping it, the further in you shove a needle, the more enjoyable when you remove it and the fluid squirts out.
  6. As Savage says its going to pop anyway, so youcanatleast do it in a controlled fashon and ensure it is clean and dressed correctly.
  7. What are these special socks you mentioned?
  8. Cheers folks - will enjoy squeezing it later on and maybe turn it into a nice game of 'aim the pus', and I shall take pleasure in popping the blister too...

    I would hazard a guess that MDN's 'love-sock' will be beyond flexibility by now :D
  9. I've seen several mentions to zinc oxide tape on here - do you just tape over problems areas of your feet with the stuff to prevent blisters/sores etc from developing?
  10. Yes, it helps prevent the rubbing on your skin, rubs on the tape instead, however I would suggest putting a small amount of cotton wool under the zinc tape, acts as padding and if a blister does occur, it will stop you ripping the top off it when you take the zinc tape off!
  11. Pop it using a sterile needle or, if you're a real man, inject it with tinc benz (tincture of benzoin) - be warned though, it will sting a little.

    Zinc Oxide tabe is applied before you excercise on areas of your foot that you know are prone to rub. Be careful when you tape your feet up that the tape goes on flat, as a crease will cause you problems. When buying Zinc Oxide tabe, go for for the widest strip you can get. After you've joined, you should be able to get this direct from your med-centre.

    Make sure that you take the tape off after the excercise to give your feet the chance to breathe.
  12. Just a small tip. Don't buy the zinc oxide tape from Boots/Superdrug etc It is too thin and doens't do the job properly. The stuff from the med centre is what you need.

    As mentioned in a previous thread (Maybe not for running but for tabbing in boots etc) the 1000 mile socks are brilliant (Can be bought in a any outdoorsy type shops i.e. millets or Blacks (You can get 10% off in Millets if you show your ID.))
  13. I've used the pierce, drain and iodine technique successfully since I was a sprog. Use a sterilised needle to pop both sides of the blister, drain the fluid and apply enough betadine iodine solution into the blister to fill the bubble again.

    Once you've finished writhing on the ground in agony, put a strip of Z/O tape over the wound for a few days. The blister will be good to walk on almost immediately, since the iodine will dry and harden the exposed skin-layer.

    By the way, I'm not shitting about the agony part. It's a fantastic way to get your feet I/S again instantly, but there's a price.
  14. Cheers for all the pointers folks. I'm in the latter stages of applying to join, still a civ at the moment and ergo no access to med centre.