blistered feet

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Chris_2oo6, Feb 9, 2008.

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  1. best solutions for them??? dont usually suffer from them... but breaking in these ammo boots have torn my heels to bits

    ripped the skin clean off them.. im supposed to be on leave for 2 weeks but im gonna stay til monday to go the med centre!

    thats how painful they are

    tried blister plasters with no avail...
  2. Best solution? Prevention, Prevention, Prevention!

    Simple really...
  3. i wasnt expecting to wear them until our public duties in a few weeks

    but we had a full dress rehearseal out of the blue so i didnt have chance....

    ive got some of that spray on plaster stuff is that worth spraying on or will it just make it worse???
  4. To be honest, best thing is to let them heel first before next in ammo boots and then tape/pad them up to prevent it again - just make sure you can do your boots up and march/stand in them as per normal.
  5. even with 1000m i have still heard horror stories..get zinc tape and cover youre heels up to fcuk!
  6. Does the old trick of wearing one pair of socks normally, then get another pair turned inside out put them on over the top. I done this when breaking in issue boots worked a treat.
  7. Find the places where the pressure is and then rub on the inside with a cut potato. This will soften the leather in small areas without weakening it, King Edwards are best.
    Do not put talc in them.
    You will need to do this a few times before wear but it does work fairly quickly. Sometimes, if there is a lot of chrome in the leather, it may be best to warm the inside with steam first.
    Some shoe repair shops have a stretching machine, but very few know how to operate them properly. There is also a device like a long pair of pliers with a ball at the end that is used for easing a specific spot in the fit. They need a strong hand on ammos .
    There are a couple of proprietary leather softener solutions on the market, but these should be avoided, because , being a liquid, the stuff gathers in the seams and weakens the stitching holes as well as dissolving the wax left on the stitching making it abrasive enough to cut the leather.
    Do not use oven chips!
  8. Walking long distance in ill fitting boots is good for them.

    If however you need a quick solution and a blister for a night out or special occasion and you haven't the time to clamber up Hellvelyn without your boot laces fastened just tickle the soles of your feet with a bunsen burner or one of these babies.


    Get back to me if you need help on designer blisters or need help with any substitutes for immediate verruca or corn solutions.