Blister problems.

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by Pal1984, Nov 11, 2008.

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  1. Hi everyone, i am a 24 year old, just completed Phase 1 training in Pirbright... I am joining R.E and hav suffered from VERY BAD blistering on my feet. to the point where I couldn't walk and my Section Commander says I got feet like tissue paper... the bad thing is... he's right.
    is there any way i can harden my feet up?

    any help will be appreciated.

    Thanks :)
  2. Soak cotton wool with surgical spirit and rub your feet down with it. Failing that to deal with blisters use Compeed rather than ordinary plasters. Your feet will toughen up eventually. Or just wait till you've finished Phase 2 and buy a decent set of boots. My feet have never got on with ordinary assualt boots and I was forever getting blisters with them so I got a set of Pro boots initially and them some Lowas and have had a problem since.
  3. Agree with the surgical spirit, also walking barefoot (at home etc) as much as possible should help. What trade do you want to do? It may be wiser to invest in a good pair of slippers before your Pro boots :wink:
  4. Old-timers used to soak feet in vinegar, might be worth a go.
    What about socks? What do you use?
  5. Clean

    and repeat ad naseum
  6. Granuflex and wide zinc oxide tape, makes yer feet feel like new
  7. Piss on your feet.

    If you go 9 Sqn they'll piss on your face.


    *The forced editing takes the P1SS.
  8. Zinc oxide tape is the way forward, ive always had baby feet but if you tape up the night before just before you go to bed (the tape seems to mould into ur feet, stopping it creasing up and rubbing) and you will be fine. Since first using tape bout 7 years ago iv never had any problems since. Make sure u get good tape though as funny as it sounds, the harder it is to pull off the spool the better cause its more stickier and it will not just come off in ur sock mid tab making things a lot worse.
  9. goin in a C3S but wanna change trade mate. are ya allowed ya own boots in phase 2?

    and thanks to everyone for the tips. i'll try it all. my feet get wrecked!

  10. Zinc Oxide is the business. Used to use the surgical spirit too, this works best if applied when the blisters are open and raw.
  11. So lets get this clear. Your answer to blisters is CLIT followed by more CLIT? Works for me matey. :lol: :lol: :lol:

  12. witchhazel is good too for toughening up feet .
  13. No, "ya" not, unless you have a chit from MO.
  14. are you from the deep south of america ????

  15. Keep on dreaming about wearing non issued boots at Gib Barracks whilst on your B3.