Blister pop or not?

Hi I have been running on the shingle on the beach near me and I have developed a rather nasty blister on my toe. It is so big it maybe gives me and extra half inch in height :D

Whats best for it pop it and stick a plaster on it or leave it as is? with the people who I have asked , their opinion is divided on pop or not.

Also do feet natually toughen up in time? As up until now it has been trainers or trainers in terms of my footwear.

Thanks in advance.


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Use a sterilised needle and poke 2 holes in the blister and let the gunge ooze out. When it's stopped cover with a plaster for a day. Job done.
DO NOT PEEL THE SKIN OFF. This will leave it open to infection and nastiness.
I always pop 'em with two little holes like legs does. If you can get a compeed plaster to fit onto it they are amazing at healing and pain relief. Blister on your toe though? seriously look at your sock and footwear choice.
Feet do toughen up with time, but for short term boosts surgical spirit wiped on every day will help. Do not use too much apparentlybut not sure why not..
Pop it with a needle, but only if you can keep it sterile. Your feet will toughen up with time. You can always try rubbing the soles with surgical spirit, although I'm not convinced that it helps to speed up the process. ZnO tape will protect your hot spots.

Tinc benz - bloody evil stuff! I remember having it injected directly into a blister on the sole of my foot right through the zinc oxide tape. Feck!
be a man bite it off!
Yep, two holes with a sterile needle, but be careful, its best to stick the needle in parallel to the skin making both holes in one pass, rather than jabbing it in twice at ninety degrees.
Lance it, cover it, keep the area as clean as you can, 2 brufen and a tubigrip, drink plenty of water, eat 5 pieces of fruit or veg a day, restrict alcohol to 2-4 units daily, don't eat yellow snow...
If it's a big blister, I usually burst it straight through from one side to the other with a threaded needle, then cut it and leave the thread in for a day or two. This lets the fluid escape without the punctures healing over before it dries out.
Bottle of whiskey and a red hot poker be a man about it
If you do pop/burst it make sure you get all the fluid out. Don't rip the skin off and give it a clean with some surgical spirit when your done.
YEP Pop every time, but don't tear the skin,iodine is fine to clean the offending wound, and try and air out your feet, also to harden your feet for "Tabbing" use surgical spirit with cotton wool balls and give a base layer to the soles of your feet, do this over the course a few weeks to harden the skin, and also a decent set of boots help try Scarpa attack boots or any decent walking boot :D but stay away from "Pusses Issue" :evil: (Combat Issue) In addition try and piss on yor feet in the shower the Urine acts as a natural healing method(Or maybe that just me :lol: ) Bon Chance :D
I usually pop the blister with a needle, then cut the skin off to prevent rubbing and further blisters on the spot and then clean the area with surgical spirit. Stings for a few moments but does the job!!
Somewhat of a speciality this one - I have women's hands... or feet in this case.

To avoid the inevitable infection, especially if continuing to train in conditions where you are likely to keep your feet wet and in boots, make sure you apply Iodine tincture and a decent pad.

If on the heel, use INADINE (an impregnated Iodine gauze) underneath a Meropore plaster. A loose support bandage tied figure of 8 style will ensure that the dressing does not slip under your foot, a sure fire way to exacerbate the problem.

Inadine and Mero0pore can be begged/borrowed/stolen from a friendly medic or bought for 10p a slice at any pharmacist.

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