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To put in his equipment was that a daft question
No not daft... he’s just finished basic, you’re proud of him, I get that. But you don’t have to dress him up like an Action Man straight away. Let him settle into his unit, not standing out too much. Is he off on ops immediately? Unlikely, and if he is he can get his own, or do what the other guys are doing... heck you’ll have him turning up on the first day with a CAT around each limb ready to go by the sounds of things...


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As you've seen from this thread, things change over time and across units (three units, fourteen years, I never had a zap number).

Let the dust settle, rock up at unit. When he gets there, find out if the unit has what we called a PRI shop (run by the President of the Regimental Institute) that sells stable belts, regimental belts and other items he needs but the army doesn't supply because they're unit specific.

If the PRI doesn't sell it (I'll be surprised if they don't, cos it's money into unit funds), they'll know who does.

Unless he's off on ops on Day 1, it's no biggy. I was on Ops on Day 1 (VCPs around Omagh) and it wasn't a biggy.
as above. Medics don't read tatoos, zap panels, etc. If your son goes the extra mile and has it tattooed on his forehead, then they may read it. They respect the commitment.

if it's any help O pos is the most common and is also the universal doner. I'd everyone can have it, but alas an o pos person can only receive o+. So if you're unsure, go for that.

for the oaps , new I'd cards don't list blood group.
O neg is the universal donor surely ?

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Guys ..thank you for your assistance .laddo called the Med centre today and was told his blood group....cheers one where can I buy him some zap panels rank last four and blood grp
As mentioned by several people on here - Whilst they might look "warry", Velcro panels with info such as blood group on are a complete waste of time from the medics point of view, and unless actually on Ops they do smack a bit of big-timing. Even Zap numbers (which have, in my opinion their uses - will usually be taken from something reliable like the Patrol commanders notebook rather than off a fragged piece of kit). To be honest, even ID discs are ignored. (Clerks have known to get it wrong when ordering them).

Given the potentially catastrophic results of giving a casualty the wrong blood, anything other than O neg is ONLY given after at least cross matching for Group and Rhesus status. Any med unit that is carrying anything more than O neg will have the facility to do this.

In all my career, I cannot think of a single instance where any of the several hundred significantly injured casualties that I have managed that have needed blood have been given anything other than O neg without a full type and cross match - certainly NEVER based on a badge or ID disc.
Well that's me told ....cheers guys all it was he's asked for a couple as the guys in his phase 2 have them .but after the rifting I've just had from you lot i will leave it up to him ....I got sod all from my parents when I joined up not even a visit on pass off I want him to have the best ....

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