Blinktw@tt could lose £15K - there is a God!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by MrPVRd, Dec 10, 2005.

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  1. :D

  2. If blunkett,was a man of morals,he should have considered `voluntary liquidation´years ago.He always reminds me of Stan Laurel,`Did I Do That??`

  3. £15,000 is small beer for the likes of Blunkett. I caution everyone to remember that when they vote for 'so-called' socialists.

    Despite what they say, these guys are careerists, out to make as much money as they can. Blair is a perfect example. Privately educated, solicitor, married to a barrister. How the fcuk can they be true socialists?

    *edit* £15,000 is small beer to most professional people.
  4. Also reported in The Times. Nice to have a bit of good news for once.

    On a serious note, the amount Blind Pew stands to lose will be rather less than the 'redundancy' payments he gets, despite having to leave in both cases for dishonesty.
  5. Just shooting in the dark here, but after the Blunkett affair, that company was never, ever going to get any government contracts. If you were the directors, wouldn't it make sense to dump the old company and then start from fresh, with a squeaky clean new company under a different name, but doing exactly the same thing?

    Or am I just being a devious, cynical bast@rd?
  6. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Mmmmm.....With the dodgy dealings by the current gov making Arfur Daly & Del Boy looking like choirboys (yes,I kow they're fictional,but so's 90% of the spin rom New Labour!) it's a wonder we aint seen them on Watchdog! :lol:
  7. Being a shareholder in a company making huge amounts of money from government contracts isn't usually a problem. Look at the Paul Drayson: he gives £100,000 to Labour whilst his company is bidding (successfully) to sell vaccines to the govt. He gets a peerage and within a few weeks gives another £500,000 to Labour - now he's Minister for Defence Procurement.

    Blind Pew's problem was obviously that he didn't have enough money. Maybe he's saving up his redundancy payments, and whatever he gets for writing for The Scum, so he can make a donation, and then his next comeback will be in the Lords.
  8. Yes, good point. He's a Blairite so he's bound to get a peerage as compensation.
  9. Blunkett isn't actually all that wealthy these days. He spent his savings on the paternity case and managed to find this cash to invest for his sons' futures.

    Which makes this all the more amusing :)
  10. Hmmm - has anyone done a search on what all his 'investments' are. I think the outcome would be very favourable to him.