Blink and you miss it

You can tell it is Friday and I'm on full wind down mode, but at 12:34 and 56 seconds, the numbers work like this 123456789.
I for one will be taking a full second out of my busy schedule to mark this monumental moment.
Oh, the joys of working for local government. :D
Step away from the keyboard, open a window and go and get some coffee.

Obviously the flashy screen has messed with your head

But I just know that now you've mentioned it I will probably look at my watch then
Spacehopper383 said:
Bugger!!!! missed it, damn public and their stupid questions. See you in a 1000 years

Just turn your clock back and re-live it all day............ simples :D
Today has dragged soooo already, if I turn the clock back it will never be the weekend, hey ho, will have to wait 87 yrs :roll:

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