Bling Pugh, the blonde and John Humphreys

Yet again blind pugh is in the headlines for all the wrong reasons. When will he ever learn to keep his white stick in his pants?

With the headline "Me and my blonde, aged 29" screaming from news stands, David Blunkett's private life provided profitable grist for the presses yesterday as he prepared for his Labour conference speech.

Not for the first time in an emotionally turbulent year for the Work and Pensions secretary, interest was focused not on his policies but on his romantic inclinations, and in particular on his "relationship" with an attractive estate agent half his age.

So, it should have come as no surprise when John Humphrys, the Today programme's chief inquisitor, slipped expertly from pensions to the personal yesterday morning with: "And what about you personally Mr Blunkett? Can you carry on doing your job in the Cabinet given the kind of publicity you're getting which has got nothing to do with your job?"

Mr Blunkett, pretty battle-hardened by now, hit back. "Can you carry on doing your job at the BBC with the kind of publicity you've been getting?" - a reference to Mr Humphrys's leaked and injudicious remarks about the Government in a speech at a PR event.

"Well, we all have these problems," replied Mr Humphrys.

"We do indeed," concurred Mr Blunkett.

"But then, I'm not in the Cabinet, am I?'' concluded Mr Humphrys with a flourish. "That's the thing"
Nice comeback mr Humphreys!!!
Funny how sleaze and scandalous goings-on seem not to effect this government. The last Troy government were lampooned by all and sundry for their private lives yet this bunch are almost immune. I understand that there are always polititians who will fall foul of not living up to the standards of behaviour that their position should warrant but at least when the Tories were caught, they were madde to pay for it. This current crowd seem to just go on in the same arrogant fashion as if they are beyond the rules of normal behaviour that the rest of society is expected to live by.

I appreciate there is an argument for allowing for human failings, but these people are in such powerful andresponsible positions that they must be beyond reproach.

I am not saying that Mr Blunkett cannot have a relationship with a younger woman, but it just prompted the above thoughts...although I wonder what favour this lady will recieve in time?
As the 'Great' British electorate has returned them to power despite their highly unethical public and 'private' performances since 1997, they undoubtedly do think that they're immune from censure and accountability for their actions. Mass disapproval shown at the ballot box is the only thing that will remove these cretins from power.
As the chav population has increased at an ever increasing rate over the last 15 years, they (the chavs) must think he (Blunket)is one of their own.

Several 'girlfriends', questionable parentage of children, they are just waiting for him (Blunket)and his ilk to get a chav (Burbery)suit and cane :p

Welcome to the first Chav goverment !!!


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It's all in the spin!

When the Tory's were caught the labour spin doctors made every crumb of it public and used it to their advantage.

When Labour get caught their spin deflcet all flak and they fly through with heads held high! And the Tory's let them.
Indeed ORC, I meant to imply that said disapproval would be shown by the electorate voting for another party and thus the rejection of Neu Arbeit and all it stands for (can anyone enlighten me as to what it is they do stand for other than corruption, corruption, corruption?)
I can't speak for anyone else and I know that this is rather prejudicial (I am open to be proven wrong!) but judging by his prior performance, how long do you think it'll be until some related scandal raises its head?


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OldRedCap said:
DB - almost. Needs more than disapproval though. That just repeats what happened last time. Rejection is the word I think?
Extermination is an appropriate word too.
Well after the way these people dragged the tory fallen through the mud I for one would have thought that they would at least try to have some morals. But no, they prove themselves to be just as bad as everyone else but without the honour to fall on their swords when caught. Even when they are pushed far enough to fall they have a few months in the shadows before they are put back where they were before as if nothing had happened.

And they are on about trying to sort out the country's lack of respect for others.... well they want to start by setting a better example and trying to sort out their own personal values.
mereminx: Power - the strongest non-prescription aphrodisiac ever invented. And to judge by this, the strongest one ever discovered to boot.
Juvenal said:
mereminx: Power - the strongest non-prescription aphrodisiac ever invented. And to judge by this, the strongest one ever discovered to boot.
I disagree. Rhohypnol is certainly not a prescription drug and I find it most effective. :twisted:
Yes, but it doesn't so much raise your game as lower her standards. Although, given this girl's choice of ministerial lecher, there may not have been many standards to lower in the first place.
at_ease said:
Single man dates Single woman, what has he done wrong this time ?
She wasn't single!

And this is not the first example of Blind Pugh's involvement in the affairs of a married couple.
Sorry A_S, have I missed somehting here? The new bint who Blunkett is seeing/ hearing is a married woman?
IdleAdjt said:
Sorry A_S, have I missed somehting here? The new bint who Blunkett is seeing/ hearing is a married woman?
No, this individual was in a long term relationship (unmarried), and yes i was mistaken to say that she was. Despite this, it is not the first example of him becoming involved with either a married woman or one involved in a serious relationship.

My bad...
Married or not Blunkett is like Zimbabwe, ruled by a knob, (his own) and sadly, like the rest of his ilk he is a man without honour. Unfortunately DB's point about voting falls on deaf ears when even that part of the electorate that does not support the Governement shows its disapproval by not voting at all! We should ship the apathetic scum out to parts of the world where people are literally dying to vote. End of rant.

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