Blinds question

I've tried in the RLC forums and ATO/ATs but no joy so I've reposted here...........hopefully with more success....

I'm looking for the correct sequence of events relating to the disposal of the 'para illum schermuly' thing when it doesn't fire...can one of the resident SMEs point me to the right part of Pam 21 or Pam 13 as I can't find anything.
I've seen that (14-43?) but there doesn't seem to be a procedure, similar to the SBS or trip flare and since they'll not let us loose with disposal charges it's a case of call ATO straight away if the thing doesn't ignite, the same as the various smoke grenades after a 30min wait.
Yeah they're going to be my next port of call at the weekend, when I can access them, again thanks.

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