Blind Sex.

Some guys are chatting in the pub about their sexual conquests. One says "I've been shagging a blind woman this week." One of the guys says to him "I understand that sex with a blind person is great as they have such a sensitive touch?" He answers "Oh yes, it's absolutely amazing, the best ever......
It isn't easy getting her husband's voice right though."
I didn't see that coming


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A teacher asked her young class what their Dads did for a living. The usual assortment of answers were eagerly given by the proud kids - fireman, builder, train driver, etc. Young Joshua, however, seemed unusually reticent.

"What does your Daddy do, Joshua", the teacher asked.

"My Daddy dances and takes his clothes off in a gay club", the boy replied, "Sometimes if the men offer him enough money, he goes to a private room and has sex with them".

The teacher was momentarily stunned, before hastily telling the class to get on with some colouring while she had a word with Joshua outside.

"Is that really true about your Dad", she asked.

"No", replied Joshua sadly. "He's in the RAF Regiment, but I was too embarrassed to say that in front of the other kids".

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