Blind Pugh unveils totalitarian anti-terror proposals

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by stoatman, Nov 21, 2004.

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  1. He's only doing what's right for our safety

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  2. Maybe he's pushing this a little too far

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  3. We should be a bit worried about this chap

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  4. Get this totalitarian monster out!

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    So, if you're suspected of terrorism, you'll be tried in secret by a single judge, with no jury as if it's an immigration case. And if you remember back a few months, in terror cases they don't even want to make you aware of the evidence against you before you step into the courtroom.

    This current bunch of arrsewipes are driving us down a very precipitous road to totalitarianism. Or maybe I'm just paranoid? But, it's not paranoia if they really are out to get you... 8O
  2. I think we're getting to a bizarre combination of 1984 and Brave New World...
  3. Terrifying that this clown is in charge of such important stuff.

    'In order to save the village, it became necessary to destroy the village'

    'In order to defend our freedoms, it became necessary to get rid of them.'

  4. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Steamy, I'm sure that quote comes from Blind Pugh not Jesus, but I stand ready to be correted by Purple Flash or his colleagues.

  5. [quote="Steamywindow"'In order to defend our freedoms, it became necessary to get rid of them.'[/quote]

    It's already started....smoking, hunting, punishing your children when they deserve this. Joe Stalin lives. :cry:
  6. The MATRIX
  7. Yes, yes, Cutaway. I shall now deploy my reserve.

  8. The time to oppose these measures is now - before they happen.

    It appears that Liabour are going to ape Dubya and fight on a security (ie fear) ticket. Opposing them on this ground does not work. Their biggest weakness is trust - ie the 45 minute claim, no WMDs etc. So this is where they should be attacked - "can you trust them to say we are safe?"
  9. I see from today's papers that the Queen's Speech will include provision for ID cards. This is yet another of the frankly silly but deeply sinister moves Blair seems to want. (although you notice that, as so often, his name is not associated with a controversial measure).

    compulsory ID cards mean that, for the first time, simply existing can become an offence against British law.

    copper: hello Sir, may I see your papers please?

    Steamywindow: I don't carry an ID card because they are silly and I don't want to.

    copper: Oho! Well you will have to come to the station to be dealt with then. No ID card, tut tut, you might be a Terrorist.

    Sw: But dammit, I'm the same bloke I was in 2004, with the same driving license and everything! Why bother?

    copper: We have a mania for control, Sir, and thus happily spend billions on pointless beurocratic exercises which genuine criminals effortlessly skirt around.

    Sw: Aaargh! You are all mad! Why didn't we stop this when we had a chance!

    copper: Because you were too tied up with non-issues like foxhunting, immigration and Europe, busy arguing about Iraq and watching I'm a Celebrity. If you could just headbutt my baton please Sir, it will save me beating you up.

    Sw: Bursts into tears.
  10. No need to worry:

    Officer: "Can I see your ID card?"

    Bloke: "Certainly...ooh, look over there - someone in a red coat is chasing a poor little fox!"

    Officer: tugs forelock "Thank you Sir" and sets off in indicated direction.
  11. It's not so much ID cards I don't like it's the fact that this Labour dictatorship will use them to gather info to hunt down what they will class as undesirables....

    In a few years time I could have Labourstapo police arresting me as it's come up on the Reichsfurher ID computer that I've bought Guns & Ammo and Bunghole Busters magazines
  12. It's for our own good dontcha know :roll:

    I sent Blumpkin a letter stating why I would be declining his "Kind offer" of an ID card.
    His Dep't responded by thanking me for my support :? and outlining their plans to stop people from becoming "ID card martyrs"
    All this on top of innocent people having their fingerprints & DNA recorded against their will.
  13. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    :lol: :lol: :lol: :wink:
  14. Attempts and conspiracies are already punishable inchoate crimes, whether consummated or not. There's no need to pass another statute to proscribe them.

    So what is meant, under this proposed legislation, by "acts preparatory to terrorism?"

    Buying groceries? (Can't do a proper terrorist's job on an empty stomach.)

    Complaining about the government. (Could inspire the listener to commit terrorist acts against it.)

    Reading disapproved books, magazines and internet websites?