Blind mans bluff

David Blunkett has returned to the cabinet as 'Work and Pensions Secretary' Thank God that he has no 'sight' of my future Army pension. Sorry if I offend anybody (with him being blind and all that).
Only because even this bent, thieving, bunch of gits calling themselves a government couldn't get away with taking it off us! (And if they thought for 1 second they could, they would most certainly try to!)
How big a slash in your majority do you need to realise that you cannot arrogantly go on doing this shit? Still for Blunkett read Mandelson, et cetera...Tone's boys are fire-proof. If I was in his cabinet I would be lining up drugs, inappropriate sexual relationships, financial and political scandals and DDRRRINKK - secure in the knowledge that whatever I do, TB will protect me. The only crime appears to be disagreeing, contradicting or failing to loudly support St Tony of Sedgefield.

Blunkett has proven himself to have poor judgement, low integrity and to be a vicious bastard. Sounds exactly the sort of person we need in charge of a challenging brief like DWP...not!
Actually Cuddles, didn't it come out after DNA tests that the kid was not his anyway? How I hated Blind Pughs hollier-than-thou attitude. Amazing how quickly these things are forgotten.
This is an example of T Bliar "listening" and "learning lessons".

Mistake #1.

The civil servants in Blunky's department will be itching to leak copies of his travel claims and warrants! :twisted:

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