Blind man sniffs wood......

Blind man goes for a job in a wood yard saying he can identify any wood from the smell.

Sceptically the boss calls in one of the yard men and they test him on different types of wood, turning him to the wall they bring in a piece of wood and lay it on the table, the blind man walks over and has a sniff then shouts out the answer, amazingly he gets them 100% right!

The boss is stunned by this and decides to try and catch him out, after turning the blind man to the wall they bring in the yard secretary naked and have her lie on the desk.

The blind man walks over to the desk and bends down, he sniffs and slowly turns his head to the side, he shakes his head then asks for the wood to be turned over, after the boss and yard man have turned the secretary over the blind man steps forward once more to sniff the wood....

Smiling he stand up and says... 'You can't fool me! It's an old shit-house door off a fishing boat!'
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