Blind Iraqi banned from driving

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by tothepubandbeyond, Sep 4, 2006.

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    A Iraqi who lost his eyes in a blast in his home country was banned from driving at court. something tells me that was a bit pointless.
  2. A little Scent of a Woman-esque, so to speak
  3. A ban from driving? I don't suppose he saw that coming...

    coats already on...
  4. His defence said he was NOT driving dangerously. He has no tax, no insurance and NO licence and his directions for driving were given by his passenger. Will he be sent down? Will he b#####ks! :roll:
  5. He probably takes a very dim view of the judge's decision.
  6. I've also read that his passenger/guide had been previously banned from driving.
  7. I hadnt heard that but it wouldnt surprise me.
  8. he will still get points on his licence though
  9. I take it you mean the bloke giving instructions? if so i havent heard that he is being prosecuted
  10. If he is a blind Iraqi why was he banned from driving in UK? He could not have passed the test to get a licence so surely he should just be sent down for breaking the law.

    Suppose suggesting he is deported would upset too many tree huggers.....
  11. This is just another case that proves the idiocy of our sentencing regulations. Although this case has still to be concluded with a sentence I do read in my local rag all of the people found guilty of driving offences. These people drive without a licence, tax, mot, insurance and will probably also not maintain their car properly. They then get a paltry fine, and points, or a ban. Why would this bother anyone who has carried out the offences - a ban makes no difference as they had no licence to start with, points to go on what exactly and a fine - well quick brain fart maths lesson for any magistrates would show that a fine should be very hefty to make up for the fact that the offender has not paid out any of the usual costs incurred by a law abiding motorist; this is unfortunately not the case and most fines I see are only a couple of hundred pounds!
  12. I heard on the wireless that his defence to driving dangerously was that he was 'testing his skills'. Perhaps he was thinking of applying to be a Traffic policeman...
  13. There was that blind guy on Top Gear that drove around the test track faster than a couple of the visioned guests, incl Terry Wogan.

  14. true enough, though I don't think they introduced traffic, pedestrians, junctions etc.
  15. BBC News

    WTF - suspended sentence..!!

    What's the betting this Iraqi "George Micheel" (and his mate's eyes, obviously!) will be driving the mean streets of Oldham tonight, while Officer Dibble is out arresting people for calling a police horse "gay"?